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Why would a store that's still shiny and new be closed for "maintenance" during a prime summer shopping day? Better ask Hollister in Soho, because the Wall Street Journal reports that their massive flagship was closed yesterday on account of bedbug infestation.

Although employees claim that bedbugs were only affecting "certain isolated areas of the store," Gothamist makes the excellent

point that bedbugs only feed at night, and Hollister Soho is almost completely dark at any given time. It also doesn't help that an employee of the store called his workplace a "bedbug breeding ground."
Lawsuits, we smell lawsuits! This way. >>

The story gets even juicier! While the store is shut, full time employees are being paid but not the part-timers, and Hollister has stationed three shirtless models outside to tell potential customers that the store is closed until further notice.

Because bedbugs love clothing and wood, Hollister will have to turn itself upside down and inside out to completely get rid of the little bloodsuckers. Although employees believe that the store will reopen in a day or two, we'd recommend giving it a wide berth for a bit or you know...perhaps shop places with atmospheres less conducive to bedbug sexytime.

Now turn out all your recent Hollister Soho purchases and inspect them, and let the lawsuits begin. Trust that we'll be following this story closely.

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