Park Central Hotel
870 7th Ave
New York, NY
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Stayed one night 12/10-12/11 - both my friend and I developed bites in the next 3 days that appeared to be bed bugs. Called the manager to complain and waiting to hear back.

Stayed for a week in April 2014. Noticed bed bugs in the room. Hotel denied having a problem.

Stayed at the Park Central again this year as we have the past four years. No problems or any bed bug issues on the 19th floor. We'll go back again next year.

Wife and I spent the night of 2/15/12 here. Didn't check for bugs (will never make that mistake again!) but did get covered with bites about ten days later. No sign but the bites (thankfully). We didn't do any other travel during this period, so very likely from Park Central.

Our stay (March 1-5, 2012) was bedbug free. We did the flashlight check, took precautions anyway, and did not see a bug the entire time.

February 15-19 I stayed in this hotel and on the last day I noticed bites on my feet and arms. After looking up the symptoms they yes are bedbugs. As a precaution as soon as I arived home I washed everything wash able and took rest to drycleaners.

When asked to review the stay I put in the review what had happened but I am sure I will not hear from them.

Moving on to another hotel for my next stay. Reading other reviews I think I am lucky it was winter not summer.

November 15-18 , 2011 in room 1124. No bugs, no bites.

Labor dispute raises issues as to which reports are correct. We were here for 5 nights without any indication of bed bugs. There is a big inflatable rat in front of the hotel due to a labor dispute but that mentions the dispute is related to another hotel by the same owner and does not specify bed bugs at this hotel. We had no problems with bed bugs. Air conditioning units are poor in some rooms so be prepared to change rooms before you unpack.

I stayed 5 nights in this hotel, September 3 - September 8/2011. I was extremely nervous about having bed bugs in my room and was afraid to carry them home after all.... as I heared they are almost everywhere in hotels in NYC. I`m happy to say there were no bed bugs in my room on the 14 th floor. No bites, no problems at all. Excellent location! I had a pleasant stay there.

Was bitten by bed bugs at this hotel in June of 2011. Staff were polite about it and allowed me to get out of my pre-paid reservation, but I would never stay here again.

Me and my buddies stayed here 7/9-19th and had no problems. We did see that giant rat outside everyday. Now, this is NYC so we expected bedbugs to be at any hotel. We took simple precautions: examined bed on arrival, kept luggage off floor then went to duane reade and bought two types of bedbug spray. We sprayed around the beds and floorboards once a day and sprayed bed before sleep. If there were critters on that floor we kept them successfully at bay. Now if only someone could teach the touris

ts how to work those elevators...

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After spending my first of two nights with my son in this hotel, I walked out on to the street with my colleague, also a guest. There in front of the hotel was a coffin with an mannequin laying in rest, all in effigy. The accompanying sign read "BED BUG WARNING".

Thank God someone went to this effort. It saved me a trip to the doctor to figure out what the rash on my feet was.

I checked in on July 12 and checked out July 14 and upon getting home discovered my entire back covered in BED BUG BITES! This has been confirmed by my doctor, my room as well was warm. When speaking with the manager they told me "it is an epidemic in New York City our sincerest apologies."

Bites on face. Doctor stated they were from bed bugs. Stayed one night at this hotel on July 12, 2011. Hotel room was also hot and common areas were dirty. Expedia called hotel next day with complaints but hotel stated guest should have complained while there. This was not feasible as guest had been in depopsitions all day, was very tired and would be checking out early for a 7:20am flight the following morning.

We stayed 4 nights at the Park Central Hotel June 28-July 2, 2011, on the 9th floor and had no issues. However, we did take ever precaution that we could take personally: kept everything off the floor and in bags and used the spray from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It was an enjoyable stay.

on June 5th 2011, we traveled to this hotel with a small group of 10 people. We stayed in 5 seperate rooms. one room with earlier check-in reported bed bugs and brought bugs captured in a cup to the front desk. no one told them they could file a "notice of claim or loss report". they were upgraded to a suite on the 25th floor. people in a second room woke up with heads and necks covered with bites. we reported this to the front desk, given the "notice of claim or loss form" to fill out. we

were told it would be investigated and turned over to their insurance company. no offer of compensation or room credit was given. staff were apologetic regarding the situation.

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May 18 - 19, 2011
Availability at our preferred Midtown Manhattan hotels was virtually nonexistent so we gave Park Central a chance. NEVER AGAIN. We called to inquire about bedbug prevention and we were told our fears were unfounded and drastic measures had been taken to ensure guests' health and safety. ALL LIES. The rates were through the roof ($799/night) because of business conventions in town but we put up with it thinking if we were paying that much they must not have bedbugs. Now my

right arm has a line of bites running from my wrist to my shoulder and the itching has grown worse as the days go by. I have called repeatedly to speak with Guest Relations and they keep passing me from one employee who knows nothing to another who knows even less. Chance of refund is virtually nonexistent because they deny deny and deny again. Will never book at this place or their other properties again. Feel cheated.

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november 2010

I woke up to a few itchy insect bites, but did not think too much of it until there were more bites after the second night, with strange patterns I have never seen before. The bites were bitten one after another in a line of 3 or more, with small droplets stains of blood on the bedsheets. More bites started appearing over the days even after i stopped staying at the hotel, did some research and found out that for some, symptoms were not instant. It took days for bites to show bu

mps, and days after for it to look more like what websites described bed bugs bites looks like, commonly a red dot in the centre of the insect bite. Hotel manager was defensive, insisted that they were not bed bugs bites but a rash. I certainly have never seen this kinda rash before that matched exactly everything research reported are bed bugs bites. The following month was torturous, itchy to the max, and was on steriod creams and medication. Reported the matter to my employer which liaised with the hotel, but park central hotel does not want to do anything about it and denied all the way.

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My wife and I stayed for two nights recently at the hotel. We took precautions to put any loose clothing, items and luggage in garbage bags to prevent them from hitching a ride. After the first night my wife had a bite on her leg it was swelling fairly bad. We reported it to the front desk and was moved to a new room. A security manager took the report and saw the bite. After the second night I've experienced a bite on my right hand and it's itchy.

We pray that we haven't brought anythin

g back. The manager couldn't do jack all. They said we'd have to wait for the report and inspection. We have to call back to confirm.

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Dec 21, 2010 We spent a couple nights at this hotel and found it to appear very clean. The location was perfect and the breakfast buffet very nice. But, when we arrived home I was covered in bites from bed bugs. I telephoned the staff at the hotel and was patched to a voice mail box where I left a detailed message about the bed bug bites and asked for a return call. I haven't received any response back from the hotel.

Bed bugs reported by two employees. One employee is severely bitten all over his body.
The hotel General Manager is on the defensive. 'We should send him to the doctor and make sure it is bed bugs'.
Well, clearly in two of the rooms our employee have stayed in from December 2 until today are ridden with bed bugs.
The hotel management seems to like to give the run around that there are bed bugs.
Health Department needs a call for this hotel.
We will never use this hotel again and we sugge

st you don't either.

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12/3/ 2010

woke up to over 100 bites on my legs and arms. Hotel sent my stuff out for steaming and asked i don't tell anyone.

my son and husband spent a night at this hotel this summer. I noticed a red bite on my husband's stomach. He said he started scratching in the middle of the night. The next night on David Letterman he joked about the bedbug infestation during his monolouge. I called the hotel and asked to speak to the manager. I got a voice message and left him a detailed message with the room number. He never returned my call. I only wanted to have the room checked so no one else gets bit.

We stayed in this hotel week of 10/14/2010 and all of my travel teams rooms were infested with bed bugs. Not a great venture for $300.00 bucks a night Great Location Though

I stayed here one night back in June 2010. During the night, I felt what appeared to be small bites on my legs, but did not pay much attention to them and went to sleep. Up to this point, I never even imagined such things as bed bugs would be present in "good" NYC hotel rooms.

Next evening when I got home, I noticed dozens of insect bites up and down my legs. It was the worst thing I have ever seen on my body. The next couple of months were absolutely miserable.

I am very fortunate i

n that I did not carry any of the little buggers home with me. I never put my luggage on the bed, it was on the desk the whole stay.

Please check the bed every evening. Never put your luggage directly on the bed. Take every precaution.

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We arrived to Park Central Hotel on July 10th, late at night. We had heard about bedbugs in the news, so we asked the front desk when we were checking in if they had had any reports. They said no.

We were assigned room 418. The first thing we did was check for bugs because we were all worried about it, and I did not want to bring bedbugs home with me. We checked under the mattress, and I found several bedbugs under the the bedskirt. When we checked the other bed, we found more bedbugs, droppi

ngs and eggs.

Disgusted, we grabbed a few photos on my phone and we went down to the front desk. The night manager was retrieved and repeatedly told us he had never heard of bedbugs in his hotel and didn't believe us. We asked for a refund, and he said he would refund the week, but charge us for this night. We told him that was unacceptable. We told him the room was inhospitable and he kept repeating, "there are no bedbugs in this hotel." We offered to show him the room, he refused. We offered to show him my photos, he refused.

It was a very unpleasant experience, made worse by extremely rude and horrific customer service.

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