Park 79 Hotel
117 W 79th St
New York, NY 10024-6401

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Late August 2015. Stayed in a room on the sixth floor - got several bedbug bites. Didn't notice until after I left.

I stayed at Park 79 from February 10-13; was very clean and tidy on first glance. After the second night I felt itchy on my lower legs - after the third night I had many bites on my lower legs, wrists, and shoulder. I reported this on Feb. 13 (today) and the staff was very receptive and seemed to be planning to act quickly.

Stayed 5 nights from 08/22/13-08/27/13. No sign of bed bugs - exceptionally clean.

Slept on a sleeper sofa and we woke up with bites all over our ankles. Told staff and they claimed they didn't have bed bugs. They were definitely bed bug bites.

Woke up with bites all over our bodies! Definitely bed bug bites as I've had them before.

Stayed 3 nights. Clean room, bedding and bathroom and NO sign of bedbugs.

Me and my family stayed in three different rooms during Easter (22/4-30/4 2011). NO bugs in either of the rooms. Clean and nice.

Stayed 10/24-30/201. Clean no bugs.

Put my Parents up in this hotel, cause its close to where I live. They complained about fleas, and my Mom's arm was certainly bitten. Red bite marks, and she said they were on different parts of her body. Read a review online and researched the bites from bed bugs and they looked like Mom's. Fleas or Bed Bugs, eitherway my parents had an unpleasant stay.They should do something about it.

My son woke us, crying and scratching his arms and chest. Then I noticed that my arms were itchy too. My husband had a few bites but not so you would have noticed. My son must have had a reaction to them as he was by far the worst, and we had to give him some Benadryl. It was very annoying because he of course was sleepy all that day, and it hampered our plans. We checked out and moved to another hotel. Thank goodness my overly paranoid husband packed our suitcases with those special liners! Sti

ll itching but much better. We stayed one night, 2nd week October 2010. I did tell the staff when we were checking out, but they were very unhelpful.

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@ 15 bites on my arms. My husband slept in the same bed but received no bites.
We stayed in room #310 Sept 29, 2007.

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