Palace Intl Properties Limited
429 Park Ave S
New York, NY 10016-8002

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I stayed in this hotel in August 2011 and I didn't have any bed bug problems. I am paranoid about bed bugs so first thing when I arrived, I searched the bed, taking off the covers, sheets and even the matress cover. I found nothing, and had no bites on my 3-night stay.
I will say, though, I was suspicious because the rooms looked a bit shabby. It's possible I got lucky and was given a room without any bed bugs in it.

I stayed at the hotel this past Sunday. When I woke up I didn't notice anything until my trip home on Monday night. I didn't think anything of it until Tuesday morning when I noticed a couple of bites on my back and my right forearm. As the day progressed on Tuesday they started to get worse. When I woke up on Wednesday morning, my arm was swollen and infected. I went to the doctor on Wednesday afternoon and that is where it was confirmed that they were bug bites and that I had cellulitis o

n my arm. I am not taking an antibiotic 4 times a day for 10 days to get rid of the infection.

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