Novotel New York Hotel
226 W 52nd St
New York, NY

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Stayed in this hotel in September of 2013. Did not notice bites, however soon after noticed infestation in my sofa. Will never stay there. I usually stay at the Sofitel. Will definitely never go back to the Novotel again. Thought I was getting a deal. What a rip off.

Stayed at the Novotel New York Hotel on business trip on 3/6/2015 - 3/08/2015 . Realized there were bedbugs in my room on the night of 3/7/2015. There were significant amounts of bedbugs all over both beds, enough so that I was able to record multiple videos on my phone that showed how bad the problem was. I did receive a few bites on my ankles and chest. I went to the hotel manager and they sent my clothing off for dry-cleaning relocated me to another room. I ended up throwing some of my luggag

e and personal items away, and the time I spent thoroughly cleaning the remaining gear was about 7 hours. This was a miserable "learning" experience, but I now know what to look for when checking into rooms. I would not recommend staying at this hotel now seeing how many other reports there are regarding bedbugs issues. Don't get fooled by the esthetics and pretentios looks on the lobby or the futuristic female voice in the elevator announcing your floor . The bed bugs in your louie vouitton luggage will let you know the real truth .!!

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We are currently staying at the Novotel group and have been bitten by bed bugs from day one!

It's a horrible and disturbing experience to pay over $400 a night to be bitten by bugs, have allergic reactions and be IGNORED by management.

The rooms are filthy to the point where antihistamines are required just to stay in the room.

The worst part is that the staff don't care to help at all. They show no interest in investigating let alone rectifying the situation.

It was such a disappoi

ntment as we are extremely loyal Accor Hotel customers.

At this stage we are still waiting for a manager to assist us.

So disappointing.

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I was bitten a lot ! Stayed in september 2012

Stayed at the Novotel for the first time in October 2011. Happy to report NO BEDBUGS and we had a nice stay. :-)

Thank you for your comments. Let me begin by assuring you that we take this issue very seriously.

We have very strict procedures whenever we have a complaint or even a hint of this issue within our hotel. In such instances, we take immediate action to rectify the problem. We regularly train our housekeeping staff to monitor for the presence of bed bugs, and we have contracted professional exterminators to treat affected areas in case any are discovered on our premises. No room gets released

until we have an all-clear from them.

In any specific case, upon hearing the complaint, we immediately contact our professional exterminator for inspection, and they: a) treat the room, or b) do not find any evidence of bed bugs.

Bed bugs have unfortunately become a world-wide problem, and they present a unique challenge due to their highly transient nature, travelling easily in luggage and clothing. Please know that we are on high alert regarding this issue and are mindful to monitor our rooms frequently in order to address, treat and terminate any issues if we discover them.

We hope you will understand that this was an isolated incident that has been addressed and resolved and that you will allow us the opportunity to welcome you back to Novotel. We look forward to welcoming you back to our hotel


Marc Sternagel
General Manager

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I wasn't aware about these bedbugs (no problem like that in our house in France).
We were on holidays in NYC, Novotel Room 2306 from May, 10th till May, 16th.
And now, about 20 days after our return, we have a lot of red stings, even our children who weren't with us.
Everything i read leads to these bedbugs... :(

I've bin in this hotel from 14 may until 21 may in room 3318... have seen NO BEDBUGS!!! Thank god!

Dates 6th to 10th April. Attacked badly by something so I gather it was bed bugs. Over 25 stings on my legs with large red pussy welts which as of today (5th May) are still semi active and have scarred. NOT HAPPY!!!!!

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