New York's Hotel Pennsylvania
401 7th Ave
New York, NY

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Stayed from July 20-23 2014

Three people staying in room 366.
Woke up after first night with all of us being bitten on various parts of our body. But one person had there right foot ravaged by bites which subsequently led it extreme pain swelling and inflammation and itchiness. The food had extreme bruising after a few days.

Complained to manager. They were very nice. Moved our room. Offered a doctor even and gave us full refund for our visit.

But beware. Old, dusty and carpets in ba

d shape. It's a haven for parasites as far as I'm concerned.

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Didn't notice much (we got in late) that night and fell asleep quickly.

9 days later had multiple bites on my feet, legs, face and arms. The room wasn't that gross but in retrospect I should have known better.

Some tips if you are desperate and need to stay there:

My wife didn't get bites probably because she wears socks and long pants and long-sleeved shirt. Also she is a light sleeper (and didn't get much sleep) and didn't sleep well that night.

This hotel is in the bedbug database twice with the same address. Do not stay here, either entry. I was there 5/17/2012 and woke up with bedbugs on me. It was horrific. I brought a couple down in a plastic bag and asked to see the manager, she was rude and flat out denied what I was showing her, insisting that it was a non-event until their 'expert' checked it out. It turns out that is a violation of NY law, there is a specific protocol to be engaged when presented with evidence of bedbugs. They

could frankly care less. I called amex and refuted the charge and checked into a $800 dollar a night last minute replacement. I sent all my clothes to a local cleaners and hit my bag with the hair dryer. Terrible place, terrible response, terrible attitude. Someone should buy the place and knock it down.

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Stayed from july 14th to 22th. Many bed bugs bites on my ankles, arrms & wrist. Staff was very rude. Even looking my very bited arms, legs and ankles, they just offered a room change, and told me they were sent propper personnel to check the room. Well, they NEVER checked the room, and denied any discount , bonus, or even apology. I have had to see a Doctor cause i have an allergic reaction, TERRIBLE experience. Don't even think stay there!!!

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