New Carlton Arms Hotel
160 E 25th St
New York, NY

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Stayed Five nights June 2013. Saw live bugs in bed on second to last night. Found dead ones in bottom of bed next morning as well DId not get but three bites tho and took all precautions to NOT bring them back to my house.

Stayed here for 5 nights in September 2012 and got bitten badly. Did not realise what the bites were until visiting the doctor back home to be told they were bed bug bites. Seems they got in our luggage and we have managed to bring them home with us. We are struggling to get rid of them. Cleaning, washing all laundry on the hottest temperature possible, using insect killer and having thrown away all duvets and pillows it has been a costly and upsetting experience.

The hotel's quite sketchy, so I was scared to find bedbugs in my room, but I didn't see any ! My friend who was staying with me didn't either.
Great hotel to stay at !

Stayed there with my girlfriend for 2 weeks in july 2011 , stayed in 3 different rooms to check out the various art works , not a problem , this place is great .

Stayed there for 10 nights from Nov.1-11th and didn´t see a single bedbug.
Everything was fine.
You can ask the very friendly and always helpfull guys at the front desk for fresh cleaned sheets and towels and they will take care of anything.
Habe been there 4 times now and it´s always a cheap and good place to stay!

My girlfriend has been biten about 20 times during a 4 nights stay.
I didn't get a single bite... : I bet she has touched the polluted blanket while I have stayed away from it and protected me behind the sheets.

Stay away from non-weekly washed items!

I wanted to see the room that Banksy did so I went anyways. I stayed for 3 weeks and no bites. nothing at all.

bedbugs in all three rooms!!! stayed there october 1st until 8th. severe bites all over the body. lack of hygiene.

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