Milburn Hotel
242 W 76th St
New York, NY

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We've stayed at The Milburn twice now .... 1 week each in July 2013 and June 2011.

We stayed on two different levels and encountered NO BED BUGS.

The staff are very friendly at the front desk and in the Breakfast Room.

We'll happily stay there again on our next visit to NYC.

No bed bugs!

Stayed on 7th floor for a week. Excellent hotel, located in excellent location.

NO bedbugs. Stayed on the 5th floor on the weekend of 12/15/12 and had no signs of bugs. As a precaution, I kept most everything off of flat surfaces and bagged my bag for the trip home. No bugs were found in my things later.

The staff was without exception very polite and responsive to all of our needs as well. We hope no one would approach any person of limited english skills (as may be the case with some of the cleaning personnel) and mistake their polite laughter as "being laughed at."

We checked in 10/1/12- 10/7/12 and were itching by the second day. We had bites all over us and when we lifted up the mattress, it was covered in blood spots and bedbugs were crawling all over- even on the drapes. We asked for another room or a refund and were laughed at. When we tried to discuss with manager, he slammed his door on my nose!!

We stayed at the Milburn Hotel for six nights in June 2012. We found the hotel to be a good budget hotel for New York City. We found NO evidence of bedbugs. The location on the Upper West Side is great. The hotel could use some redecorating but the bathroom was very nice. The breakfast room was very small and the selection was not great but it was certainly adequate. We would stay there again. There was free WiFI but they changed the password too often.


I have been staying at the Milburn Hotel for many years and i have NEVER encountered a bed bug issue, the hotel is very clean and comfortable and has always been my home away from home while in,NYC. And as far as the staff and management of the Milburn, they are all absolutely wonderful, very friendly and efficient.
It is truly disturbing that such a good honest establishment is wrongly accused. As always.....I'LL BE BACK!

Visiting stayed at this hotel and THEY DO HAVE BED BUGS!!!! I noticed bites all ovr my back and arms. Not only do they have beg bugs, but rudest service ever. They charged my card without permission, then when i call back to remedy the situation, i was hung up on not once but twice, and by the manager.. They refused to speak to me about the charges or the bed bug issue, I attempted to get corporates number or the owner and was talked to rudely and hung up on by some guy thta claimed he was the


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So, as the saying goes, a day late and a dollar short.

In this case, a year late. I didn't know about this website a year ago, I wish I did.

I stayed here one night, checking in on Jun 1 and checking out on Jun 2, 2011. I don't remember which room I stayed in but it was on the 3rd or 4th floor. I was bitten in multiple locations, legs, arms, and near my waist. I spend plenty of time outdoors and have been bit by ticks, chiggers, mosquitos, spiders and various other creepy crawlies so I

'm not new to this. These were pretty bad and were classic bed bug bites. Out of the above, bed bug bites out itch all but the chigger bites - chigger bites are the worst!

Fortunately, they didn't hitch a ride home which was what had me most worried.

I was traveling with two other people who stayed in different rooms each and they did not have issues.

Hopefully they have taken care of this issue and are not in denial; other than this, I thought it wasn't a bad place to stay and for the prices in NY, NY it was reasonable.

Although late, I hope this helps someone.

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NO Bedbugs.

We stayed at the Milburn for one week in late Oct-early Nov, 2001. And we did NOT have bedbugs. I'm submiting this report because we always stay at the Milburn, but were concerned about the reports on this Web site.

I stayed at the Milburn Hotel one night, September 19, 2011. The next day, I started to itch but thought nothing of it until I arrived back home in Philly when I realized that I was itching in more than one place. Could it be bedbug bites? I washed everything in my suitcase and didn't sleep a wink. A visit to my dermatologist the next morning confirmed that they were indeed insect bites and had the characteristics of bedbug bites: 3 bites in a row or "breakfast lunch and dinner." I was give

n a prescription strength hydrocortisone cream which I applied to 4 areas for about 5 days. I have no evidence of bringing any insects back with me. However, when I called the hotel to tell them my findings, they had a lawyer call me back instead of the hotel manager. The lawyer attempted to discredit my story noting that there are many travelers scamming for money-back due to alleged bedbug bites. Since I was on business so my employer was paying for my accommodations. I will not stay at the Milburn again.

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Roaches and bedbugs. I have pictures and wish I could upload them. Staff denies any problem. This hotel is disgusting and un-sanitary. I ran out as fast as I could and am fighting now for a refund.

We stayed in the Milburn Hotel from Sept 30 - Oct 4 2011 in room 402 and later 407. We were bitten by insects we could not identify and first thought of bed bugs. We reported the bites to hotel staff and they said it could have been mosquitos, bed bugs would bite across the chest (we only had bites on our arms). As a precaution they checked the sheets and then relocated us to another room. They didn't charge us for the one night. After we did our homework we discovered the bites are most probabl

y indeed bed bug bites (groups of twos and threes). We are treeting them with hydrocortisone cream and antihistamines. Our concern is also that we may be unwittingly taking them around with us. I am sorry for the hotel because they reacted courteously enough, although their information about the bites was not correct.

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We stayed in the Milburn Hotel in the second week of May of 2010 for a week. Towards the end of the week I awoke in the morning to find blood issuing rom what appeared to be a bite on my left shoulder. There was also a rash in the area of my navel and in a few other places. My wife had no skin lesions. We thought it could be bed bugs. We called the hotel staff who refused to investigate because they had "never" had bed bugs in the hotel. They agreed to change the sheets. A few days later spots a

ppeared all over my trunk and groin area. A couple of weeks later I went to see my GP in Canada. Convinced that the hotel was telling me the truth, I told him that I must have a food allergy. He responded that the spots looked more like insect bites -- as they were persistent, I should perform a treatment for scabies, although there had been only a lttle itching. I did this twice with no result and spent $80 in the process. Months later after the NYC outbreak grew I saw pictures of bedbug rashes on the Internet --absolutely identical to my own (and not wholly dissimilar to scabies). It took five months for the rash to disappear. I fully understand that it is impossible for hotels to prevent this sort of thing from happening when Midtown has a substantial infestation, but I found the hotel's response inappropriate.
APL Waterloo, Ontario.

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We stayed in Room 302 June 1-5. It was a 1-bedroom suite with 2 double beds in the bedroom. Our daughter pointed out 2 little bugs in her bed to her father the morning of 6/2 but we had no idea what bed bugs looked like and just shrugged them off. Only when we got home 6/6 and just happened to watch a segment on the CBS Sun. Morning Show (which I had recorded) did we realize they were indeed bed bugs. But her bites didn't start showing up until the morning of 6/8, with lots more on 6/9; they

are getting better now. I've found a few bites on myself too! though nothing likes hers - however our biggest fear is that we might have brought some of these creatures back home with us... trying to take whatever precautions we can.

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