Mayfair New York Hotel
242 W 49th St
New York, NY

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January 30, 2015

Room 403 was the first room we were given and as soon as we walked in I saw a small bug on the wall. I thought nothing of it because sometimes you see random little guys. Then later that evening after dinner, we returned and sat on the bed to watch TV. A few minutes later the headboard was swarming with the same critters. We didn't know they were bed bugs until after the front desk person offered to put all of our belongings into the hotel dryer for us and then we researched

what a bed bug looked like in our new room. VERY very sickened.

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Sept. 4, 2014

Carpet was dirty and worn. Never thought to look for bedbugs, but came home with bites on legs and back. Will never stay there again!

I stayed at the Mayfair Hotel for 2 nights, and a day later I am covered in bed bug bites. I was in room 302. I will have to clean all of my clothes before they come in the house, and am extremely angry about this.

Stayed in this hotel on 3 June 2013, room 211,
At night took extra sheet and found bed bug. Next day complained to concierge and show him blood on the sheet. Took suitcase, told to concierge that we are leaving to other hotel, requested refund, sent e-mail to hotel manager and left to Humpton Inn around the conner. Was charged for full 3 day stay, no apology and no any communication from the management.

Stayed at the Mayfair for NYCC 10/11-10/14/12. No sign of bed bugs, everything was very clean.

I have stayed at the Mayfair Hotel several times in the past year and not once have I seen a trace of bed bugs.

On Dec 18-22nd our family stayed in rooms 206, 301 and 601. Even though we came prepared to find bedbugs, all rooms were clear. I checked the mattress and the headboard before we settled in. We put our clothes in giant zip lock bags and never put our bags or coats on the bed, just in case. No one in the other rooms had a problem either.
This is a fabulous hotel in a perfect location! Yes, I would love to stay here again.

Upon arrival we checked our room with a flashlight - under the mattress,etc., there was no evidence of bedbugs. Very clean hotel.

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