Manhattan Hotel
273 W 38th St
New York, NY 10018

Found 3 reports:

Stayed at this hotel July 28-30. Room 218. My son was bitten by bed bugs along the full length of his left arm. His Doctor confirmed it. We are concerned we might now have bed bugs in our home.

June 26-28, room 2203. Bed bugs. Called hotel afterwards and they opened up an investiation.

I was a guest at this hotel from July 20- July 23. My family and I woke up with bites he first night in room 405. The next night we woke up to find a bug crawling around. We are from Canada & I have heard about bed bugs so, I putsome luggage tape over thebugs & took it home to get itchecked out. I went home & ezteeminator told me it is in fact a bed bug & he told us it's possible we may have brought them home. Sure enough last week I saw one & we have been following instructions to the T so we c

an get rid of them. We also called the hotel to let them know.

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