Intercontinental the Barclay, New York
111 East 48th Street, New York, Ny
New York, NY 11203

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I stayed at the hotel from 10 to 14 December 2012. Noticed a spot on the 11th but didn´t think much about it. The next day I had 6 bites. I was initially in room 1212 but then I was moved into a suite when I reported the problem. When I arrived at the suite I soon discovered that there was a leak in the bathroom and the floor was flooded! not good! I complained again to the management who moved me yet again to room 1306. Woke up today with 5 new bites!! I couldn´t see any sign of bugs in

this room but given that I now have more bites they are definitely in there.I am allergic and I am now scratching myself mad. I would definitely not recommend this hotel to anyone, especially in light of the cost to stay there. One does not expect this kind of thing to happen in this kind of hotel.

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Stayed from 22Nov and was bitten alive ... Told hotel Manager and she didn't seem to care.... The staff are not very friendly I won't stay there again

Currently staying in room 1030. Checked thoroughly for signs of any infestation upon check in yesterday and found none. Upon returning to my room today noticed 3 bites on right leg. Checked again and saw no signs of bugs anywhere. If more bites occur I will notify the staff.

Stayed Oct. 31- Nov. 2 in room 1421. Nov 3 I'm back home and have 3 clusters of bites. Now I'm worried about how likely it was I brought them home.

Stayed at the hotel between Nov 11 to 19 on level 9. Realised I had some bite marks on my back around the 2nd or 3rd night. Did not think it was bed bugs till after I checked out as I didn't get anymore bites after that.

Stayed at this hotel weekend of October 23rd. Transported home bed bugs.Stayed in room 1044. Contacted hotel. Hotel management reported to us that they inspected this room and found no signs of bed bugs and that the room had been occupied on 32 separate occassions without any reported incidents.
The only hotel we visitied before our problem was the Intercontinental Barclay and it is more than likely that that is where we encountered the problem. We have spent over $1200 to rid our house of the


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I was in room 1103 in early October 2010 and woke up with 15 bites on check/neck and arm.

I stayed at this hotel the past 2 nights, room 1104. Today, I noticed red itchy bumps on my arms and neck.

There was a bedbug sighting in room 830 in the closet this morning. I have had bugs before so i know what to look for. This was most definitely a bed bug. The hotel assured me that they do not have a problem and that it was likely brought in by another guest. I did not get any bites in the night but they are there.

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