Hotel Pennsylvania New York
401 7th Ave
New York, NY 11215

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October 4, 2015. Spent the night in Rm. 1373, saw a bed bug on my sheet the next morning, then several crawling along the wall between the beds, disappearing behind the headboard of my bed. Called to speak to manager, was moved to another room within an hour, because I was persistent. Took a full 24 hours to get from mgmt that outside contractor, who manager told me would complete inspection within 2 hours, confirmed bed bugs; manager did not answer or return my calls, I went to General Manager'

s office the next morning and said I would wait there until he could see me. 30 minutes later, Housekeeping Manager came to get me, agreed to comp the first night, have all my clothing laundered overnight, and reimburse for my luggage. Horrible vacation, worried about what was going to happen for 3 of the 4 days I was visiting the city for the first, like only, time. And the rooms were both old, dirty and falling apart.

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We just returned from the Hotel Pennsylvania. We stayed there from 23/9/15 to 30/9/15 in a Penn 5000 room 1229. My husband was eaten by bed bugs and there was blood on the sheets each morning after they feasted on him but it wasn't until the last day when he plonked the suitcase on the bed that a bed bug crawled from under the sheets. It totally sicken me to think this was going on all week. There is no way I'd have stayed or slept in that room if we had of known that. Disgusting dirty old hotel

. It's totally unacceptable.I wouldn't put my dog in this hotel.

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I want to buy a room at hotel Pennsylania for march25-27. do they still have bed bugs,now. ? Worried .! carol kessler . .,pa.Phila should i stay at a better hotel with good ratings now, march2015 Please response as soon as possible.! Is this a hotel with street walkers-- hookers; going all night. don't want this kind of stuff in a room i am going to stay,

Upon arriving I found out they had screwed up my reservation so I had to sit in the lobby for 15 hours wherein I dozed off to find a rude man slapping me to tell I was not allowed to fall asleep . Thereafter I realized that my hands were bitten up by bedbugs as were my legs. I proceeded to tell them and then they told me I didn't have my reservation any longer. I watched low class hookers going upstairs all night. 12 groups staying there checked out to go to other hotels! They told me that the b

est part of their experience was the lobby and from there it went downhill dramatically! Stay away!!!!

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5/02/2012. Just arrived. Mold covering the bathroom walls and ceiling. Stains all over walls. Needs a fresh coat of paint pretty much. Open wiring at base of headboard. Let's hope there's no bed bugs..

I stayed at Hotel Pennsylvania New york from January 10-12 2012. In two short days, I had hundreds of bed bug bites. At first, I thought it was just an allergic reaction to some Indian food I had eaten on the 10th, but when I went to the dermatologist on the 14th, he told me I had a VERY bad case of bed bugs, (the worst he'd EVER seen!) I was so mad and I called the hotel to complain, but they never got back to me or gave me any sort of apology or refund! I do not reccomend this hotel!

In March 2009 I stayed at the Hotel Pennsylvania.... I left with so many bad bites that my parents had to drive 2 hours to pick me up and rush me to a doctor and I had to throw out/burn the all the stuff I had brought. I will never stay there again to say the least.

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