Hotel Parker Meridian
118 W 57th St
New York, NY 10019-3318
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Mr. Boyland,

I have waited to respond to your claims as to allow you ample opportunity to return my calls and emails. We have repeatedly asked for an opportunity to submit the specimen to a certified pest control company for verification. Each of these requested were refused or ignored. As I explained to you in multiple correspondences, we have fully completed each step of our aggressive pest control policy.

The results of our investigation, which included a thorough inspection of the ro

om in which you stayed by Abalon Pest Control Company showed no evidence of a bed bug infestation. Please know, as indicated in the documents sent to you, no bedbugs were detected during a thorough professional assessment. We have no choice but to infer from your lack of response that you have realized the error of your allegation.

During the recent Bed Bug Summit in Washington, DC it was determined that the clear key to maintaining a safe travel destination is preventive steps, early detection, treatment plans and public education. We have had such a plan in place for years. Should you care to discuss further, you have my contact information.

Maurizio Bonivento
Le Parker Meridien

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On Nov 13, 2010 I stayed in room 1618 ( a junior suite) when a bed bug walked across the table as I was on the computer at 1:15am. The bug then went off the table onto the carpet. I had a flashlight and was able to find it and place it in a glass. I called the front desk and spoke to the night manager (Natalie) She came to my room with a security guard to inspect the bug. They looked at it while I showed them a photo of a bedbug on my computer. They stated that they would need to show it to an e

xterminator, but I would not give them the bug. They moved me to room 807 that night. I called the next morning and spoke to the manager (Srdan) who stated that he would have the exterminator contact me. I decided after 3 hrs of waiting to relocate to another hotel. I kept the bed bug as evidence that they could not dispute that the hotel has a bed bug problem.

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From Le Parker Meridien Management:

This post is to address the concerns listed for Le Parker Meridien New York. Bed bugs are a major concern for hotel guests and a frequent topic of news broadcasts and articles. As such any irritation is quickly feared to be the worst by a savvy traveler.

We would never mislead or misinform any guest with concerns about or reports of bed bugs. You can rely on our candor and quick response for all concerns. Each of these claims was addressed with

the hotel directly at the time of the occurrence. The room numbers listed below were inspected by an independent and certified pest control company specializing in bed bug detection. No bed bugs were found. As a precautionary measure, the surrounding rooms were also inspected. I was in personal contact with each of the guests and am happy to provide the written reports from the inspections to these people should they request the documentation. In addition to our aggressive pest control policy, which includes regularly scheduled professional inspections, we have implemented a thorough training program for our housekeeping and maintenance personnel.

We are disappointed to be associated with a negative experience in New York. The potential for bites does not solely rest with hotels. This problem has affected nearly every step of a traveler’s way: Airplanes, cabs, public transit, theaters, popular department stores, etc…

Already have a reservation with us? Great! Please feel free to contact me to discuss our preventative measures. I am more than happy to answer your questions and ensure a fabulous visit.

Lisa Tharp
Guest Relations Manager
[email protected]

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I stayed at Le Parker Meridian on September 27th and had a bed bug sighting in room 1507. Immediately after I got into the room, I turned on all the lights and flipped up the sheets to look directly at the mattress. There was a small brown bug (about a millimeter long) on the seam of the mattress. I tried to catch it, but it jumped onto the floor and I couldn't see it on the brown carpet. Security was called and they immediately changed and quarantined my room.

The next day, Hotel manag

ement emailed me and assured me that they closely inspected the room and no other evidence of bed bugs was found. They can say all that they want, but I know what I saw when I looked at that mattress and it was a bed bug and it matched the pictures of bed bugs that I had viewed.

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I stayed in Parker Meridien's Room 1909 for 5 days in mid July, 2010. Received bites on my legs and arm that I at first assumed were mosquito bites, but on further inspection, began to wonder about bed bugs. I had multiple large bites, red and very itchy, clustered together. I became more certain when I noticed little black specks on the sheets and even the tell-tale blood stain of a crushed bug. I notified the staff and after some diagnosis, they determined that there were no bugs present.

I find it extremely coincidental that there was a complaint of an infested room almost directly above mine (2209) which the hotel also denied.

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During the first 3 days of a 6 day stay in Room 2209 at Le Parker Meridican in New York (10/1-10/7/2009)my wife developed three large bites on her lower leg that swelled to 3-4 inches with surrounding hemorrhage under the skin. We stayed in room 2209 before moving to another room, where no other bites were noted. The hotel seemed very concerned, but said they did a thorough inspection of the room and found no bed bugs, but what else could it be?!
I warn others planning to stay at this very ni

ce hotel to avoid room 2209 and question other rooms for bed bugs.
We don't know if we should also report this to the health department.

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