Hotel Newton
2528 Broadway
New York, NY

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My husband stayed at Hotel Newton--room 711--for a few nights in February 2007. Immediately upon his return, we began to experience bites at night from bugs... after a week or two of eliminating all other possibilities (flea bites, spider bites, etc.) it became clear that it was bedbugs. The clincher was the tell-tale little red dots of blood on our sheets in the morning around our ankles and shoulders (although many bugs can bite you at night, this is the one symptom that is particualr to

bedbugs: apparently they often like to excrete your blood even as they are feeding on you).

We have had to have our home exterminated and had to throw away bed, bedside tables and other furniture. A bedbug infestation is NOT somehting you want to mess around with; always err on the side of caution with bedbugs as they are incredibly difficult to get rid of and also incredibly disgusting.

Although this ordeal has cost us $1,000 so far, we do not in fact blame the hotel: bedbugs are becoming a wolrdwide epidemic and hotels are virtually as powerless as anyone else to eradicate them.


So I guess all we can say is traveler beware!

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