Hotel Mela
120 W 44th St
New York, NY 10036

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I've spent 2 nights - no bedbugs.
This classic, older, boutique hotel is very comfortable and well appointed. My room, bathroom and hallway have been renovated (I assume all have). The bed etc are all very comfortable, clean.

We spent four nights (8/31 - 9/04/14) at Mela in the 7th floor. No bedbugs or traces of them have been found.

I stayed here over the weekend. 2/10/2014. I stayed in room 301 like a previous report. I could find no evidence of bed bugs after 2 days. I am glad because I read that report as I was laying in the bed. I got a little freaked out. They must have fixed the issues.

My room was infested with bed bugs. Didn't realize it until the morning, when I woke up to several bed bugs crawling across my body and the sheets. I had never known what bedbugs were and immediately contacted the front desk. They said they would look into it, suggesting maybe it was fleas from another guest's pet. I know what fleas look like, and these were not fleas. In fact, bedbugs made their way into my suitcase, which I brought home, the multiplied, and I infested my house with them.

An absolute fucking nightmare. Do NOT stay in this hotel!!!

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Greetings Dear Guests:

Thank you so much for taking the time and writing to us regarding your recent stay at Hotel Mela.
We appreciate the feedback and we take your comments very seriously; our guest voice is of utmost importance to us.

Please know we are absolutely committed in eradicating any concerns of bed-bugs in our hotel. I can say with the utmost confidence that the Mela is one of the most cleanest and well-maintained hotels in the New York City and rarely have issues with bed

-bugs. We constantly have quality control inspections to ensure our rooms are in perfect condition. Although we cannot 100% prevent the matter, I want you to know we take this issue very seriously. For the past 3 years we have been working with one of the top pest control companies in the states; Action Pest Control. Their website can be found at

Feel free to contact myself directly I will be more than happy to assist you.

Yours in Service,

Nick Ivezaj
General Manager
Hotel Mela
direct: [email protected]

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Stayed at Hotel Mela from Jun 29 - July 5. It wasn't until near the end of our trip that we started seeing rash like bumps on our bodies. We thought it may have been an allergic reaction to the laundry detergent and felt we would get better when we got home. Unfortunately that was not the case. It wasn't until the next day that I got home and the bumps swelled to the size of golf balls that I knew they were bug bites. They were red, irritated and burning with pain. Both my travel partner and I h

ad more appear even a couple of days after our trip to New York. (Luckily we didn't get anymore and we didn't bring any bugs home with us.)

After two weeks of contacting the hotel without response, we finally received a response acknowledging that the room we stayed in was in fact infested with bed bugs. We are still currently dealing with the place we booked our vacation with and the hotel.

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Stayed The night Aug 20. Aug 21st my friend and I had itchy rashes and knew it was bedbugs. We immediately and discreetly reported it to the reception desk who alerted hotel manager. We were transferred to another room but were still very concerned about the infestation.
We were assured that first thing in the morning we would speak to the manager. We never heard from the manager, so we went to the front desk to ask for the manager again. We were assured that an inspection would be done on

Aug 22 and that we would get a report to know whether or not it was bedbugs as the concern was bringing bedbugs back home. We did not get any follow up from manager and had to go to the front desk again to ask for a manager. We told the inspection had not yet been done, that it occur the following day Aug 23, our check out day. the lack of follow up as well as the lack of concern for our well being was extremely disappointing.

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i stayed in room 301 at the hotel mela 3/7-3/10/2011. On the night of 3/9 i awoke scratching with bug bites all over my face, arms, legs, back and chest. Welts and extreme itching. I immediately called the front desk they put me in room 302 but have not offered anything but to do my laundry which would not even be ready for me by my check out time. What good would putting clean laundry back in my invested suitcase be? I am waiting to hear in the am what the general manager will offer. I am

frightened to invest my home with this!

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I spent 2 nights at Mela and got back home last night with a rash on one arm. Can't find the bite, but an itching red rash covers my whole right arm (allergic reaction). I have never had such a reaction in over 15 years therefore am confident it might be bedbugs. I was happy to see there were no reports when we booked the hotel, yet now I am devastated thinking I may have brought back the bugs home... I yet have to wash my clothes and clean my bed in hope that it's not too late.

Hotel respo

nse to inquiry about possible bedbugs
Hi , since all the bed bug issues the city has experienced for
the past 2 years, our hotel has taken an aggressive preventive approach. We treated our entire hotel, put covers on all of our mattresses and bring a dog in to inspect quarterly. When we have brought the dog, fortunately there has been no problem identified. We have him also inspect guest luggage storage areas and have had the dog previously detect the issue on guest luggage and we treat those areas more often than others. The pest control companies say there is no way to completely be preventive, but to stay aggressive and that is the approach we have adopted. I will go and check the room in which you stayed, but do not know of any issues in our hotel. I am sorry this has
happened to you, but unfortunately airports, planes, almost any type of transportation has the same visitors we do and the transference is inevitable. I will report to you if we find anything. Again sorry that is how your visit ended and hope it was not something that was part of our hotel. Have a wonderful week.

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