Holiday Inn New York City-Midtown-57th Street
440 W 57th St
New York, NY 10019

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2/26/2015 I have stayed at this hotel a couple of years ago with no issues. I stayed this past week and thought the hotel looked clean. On the third day, I noticed two huge bite marks on my arm . Since it's winter, I instantly became concerned. I tried to calm myself into thinking something got into my shirt sleeve but then the third bite appeared on my leg. The bites were large, tough and painful. I travel regularly and this is my first bed beg encounter. I did not travel the week before so I

know it is from this hotel. I checked the mattress and it looked clean. Clearly there are still bed bugs hiding in the walls !! This has been a HORRIBLE experience! My arm looks absolutely gross and HURTS!!! Definitely will NEVER stay here again!

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