Holiday Inn Express New York City Times Square Hotel
343 W 39th St
New York, NY 10018-1401

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7/26/2013 - Clean room, great breakfast, no bed bugs!!!!

When I woke up on 12/6 (the day after I checked in) I noticed multiple red marks of varying size on my feet and toes. I went down to the front desk and told them my room had bed bugs. They told me they would send some people up immediately. After 45 minutes no one had arrived so I went back down to the front desk and said that I will be back in 5 minutes looking for a manager if no one had arrived. A group of employees came up to my room and we carefully looked in the bedding and bed frame b

ut did not find any bugs. I had dealt with bed bugs at a different hotel a couple of years ago so I knew we might not find any in the bedding as they could be in the walls or other furniture. The hotel staff thought I was making this up so they merely offered to vacuum my room and give me new bedding. I showed them my feet and said, "You seriously don't believe there are bed bugs in here?!" Had I not requested a new room the hotel had no intention of moving me. I still don't know if they were playing dumb and thinking they could outsmart me or if they were in fact dumb. I finally got the hotel to agree to give me a new room and not charge me for the first night. When I went to check out they had no record of my incident and insisted that I had to pay the full amount. I am now in the process of dealing with corporate customer service. Hopefully they arent as inept as some of this hotel's staff.

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