Hampshire Central Park Hotel
31 W 71st St
New York, NY 10023-4101

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This is actually a Comfort Inn, not the Hampshire. Stayed here late April 2015 for 2 nights. Seemed like a decent, inexpensive hotel. I'd never encountered bedbugs before, and the bites/marks/itching didn't show til I got home a couple days later. Wow, they got me good. Still have marks/scars from it. Def wouldn't stat here again.

Not sure why this address pops up with Hampshire Central Park Hotel, but we stayed at a Comfort Inn at this address. First thing I did when I checked in was to inspect for bedbugs--on mattress and in the dresser drawers. Not a bedbug in site the four nights we were there. Great little hotel. Staff is very helpful. Loved being across the street from Central Park.

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