135 W 52nd St
New York, NY
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Entered the Flatotel in August and was appalled at what I saw. Furniture rundown, bar falling apart, staff unkempt...just horrible. Checked in which was efficient enough but when I stepped off the elevator, the hallway carpet looked 12 years old.. entered room 1512 and the same thing..run down and dingy carpet and furniture. Uneasy, I decided to make the best of it until I was awoken by me having to scratch... I turned on the lights and noticed little drops of blood on the sheet and bite marks o

n my legs and one on my neck. I pulled off the bottom sheet and found two engourged bedbugs in the mattress. I immediately called the reception desk but nobody picked up..$400 a night for this?? No way.....this Hotel used to be great. Not anymore. I packed up my belongings and left.

Anyone who stays here is crazy! Run down DUMP and management has obviously changed because they just dont care.

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My wife and I stayed in Room 1603 on 3/16/12. inspected room and tore apart bed to check for infestation. None found. Placed glueboards on floor around bed and they were clean in morning. Repacked them to use in next hotel. No bites, no hint of bedbugs.
Great hotel

Just returned from a night at the Flatotel (July 25-26, 2011)...this is our third stay in three years. The hotel is very clean and we have never had any issues or encounters with bed bugs. In fact, we choose this hotel every time for that very reason.

We stayed one week from 20 to 27. April 2011 with two rooms. No Bugs, no bites....

Stayed here for New Year's. We had about 10 rooms!!! Great place and location.

Anyway, I inquired about this website and the Manager came out to speak with me. He informed me that they are VERY proactive regarding this worldwide problem. He explained that they have many precautions in place and put my mind at ease.

I am happy to report.......ALL of us ( 28 people) had no problems at all except a severe hangover after our 3 day stay!!!!

You can rest assured that there is nothing here!

I stayed at the Flatotel Dec.17-21, 2009 in room 2211. I was very cautious not to put any items on the bed, including myself once I was showered and dressed. I felt itchy during the first 2 nights but passed it off to dry skin. Saturday night I felt a bite on my right forearm. It wasn't until Sunday evening when I was having a bath I noticed 3 bite marks on my right arm where I felt the bite the night before. I also had 4 marks further up my arm and on my right tigh. I reported this to the des

k and was moved to room 1806. A staff member came and checked my arm. They tried to get the house doctor to come and see that night but were unable to get in touch with him. I spoke with management again Monday morning and was notified by the doctor by telephone and he wanted me to travel to his office to see him. I felt this was a waste of time and money just so he could tell me I was bitten. I was refunded 1 nights stay. Management was having both rooms inspected for bed bugs. In a follow up phone call I was informed there was no bed bugs found in that room.

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