Fitzpatrick Grand Central Hotel
141 E 44th St
New York, NY

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Checked in the night of Friday July 17, 2015 at 1 AM after a flight from the West Coast. As we always do, we stripped the bed to check for bugs and found both black stains (signs of bug excrement) on the sheets and duvet cover and a live bug in one of the pillowcases. Picked up all of our stuff and went do the reception to report the case and ask for our money back. We booked on and did not prepay so the receptionist immediately said he was very sorry and no charges will be made. We l

eft the hotel and checked in to another place.

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Room 218
I spent 3 weeks on a filthy infested bed.
When i asked the hotel staff to check they didn't believe me because i didn't go to a doctor.
I didn't have to. I had bites all over my body and i showed them.

The hotel staff lacks on everything. Once they found the bugs they told me to change room but no one helped me move my stuff.
I had to keep going back and fourth about 10 times.
It was 11pm and i had to work the next day.

When i was at my new room, i called the front desk

to ask for some allergy medicine. They told me to go to the pharmacy. I had to order them to go get me some medicine at that time!

They told me my clothes would have to be dry cleaned and i would not be charged for it (of course!).
But my clothes were delivered to me still dirty, only pressed... i don't understand.. I had to re-laundry everything when i got home.

My company had to buy me new luggage because the hotel never offered.

At the check out, the manager clearly told me there would be no charges for the room. Because of that, he didn't use my credit card and i never saw any invoice or receipt.

Now, i found out that by "no charges" they meant "no incidental charges" and they are still charging me for the stay at that filthy nightmare room!!!!!

What incidental charges would i be subject to???? Are they kidding? This whole thing sound surreal to me but believe me: it happened!


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Found one bug on the sheet 11/13/2013. Hotel extremely responsive. They took the headboard off, stripped the room, called exterminator-no other evidence found.

I have no bites.

I was given another room immediately-no evidence of bugs in that room. They offered to launder and dry clean my clothes, but I declined as I was checking out the next day. No evidence of bugs in any of my belongings, when I got home, although I threw my suitcase away and left my other bags out in the car overnig

ht to freeze them, just in case.

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