Embassy Suites Hotel New York
102 N End Ave
New York, NY

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Stayed in this Hotel 7/18/10-7/24/10- never saw bedbugs, but also never looked for them. Did not have any bite while staying at the hotel.Recently found bedbugs in my home. Not sure if I brought home a hitch hiker or what but seems likely to me.

Bed bugs are so bad at this hotel I am waiting for the Men in Black to come out and eradicate the place.

I was staying at the Embassy suites when the following morning my arms and legs were all red from bedbugs. I quickly went to the pharmacy and they confirmed they were indeed bedbugs. I was given some ointment to care of the issue.

Scary situation - bedbug epidemic in NYC.

Just came home from a 4-night stay here (5/28/09 to 6/1/09) in room 1407. I did not get any bites while in the room. However, when I returned home, I laid my suitcase across my bed and left it there for a couple of days while I procrastinated about unpacking. For the past two nights I've been getting bit. I think there were bedbugs on the suitcase, which was standing up in the corner of the hotel room during my stay. I'm not looking forward to dealing with this. I plan to contact an exterminator

and report the incident to the hotel.

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Woke up with bites Dec. 24th, didn't think anything of it. Drove home to Maryland, began getting bites at night at home. Spotted two bugs in the bed, exterminator confirmed bedbugs. $650 extermination cost, plus $250 more in new pillows, mattress covers, etc. Still have not returned to bedroom, as entire room is coated in pesticide. Very traumatic experience. Reported incident to hotel, which has offered to reimburse us. They must have found bugs in the room or luggage storage area

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