Duane Street Hotel
130 Duane St
New York, NY 10013-3808

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I stayed for one night with my girlfriend and believe we brought home bed bugs as we were covered in bites. Doctor and exterminator both believed this hotel was likely the cause. Not worth the risk...find a better option for a stay!

I stayed here August 24, 2011 and woke up covered in bites the next morning. Since I am highly allergic, I thought they were mosquito bites, however I continued to get bites at home for the next week. I called the hotel immediately and asked them if they had any reports of bedbugs and they said they had not. They did not seem very concerned. However, I discovered bedbug reports for the hotel in 2010. Unfortunately, the bugs hitched a ride in my luggage and now have an infestation in my apart


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I stayed here in mid October for two days. No problems.

I was planning on staying at this hotel for five nights at the beginning of June. On the third morning I woke up with about a dozen bites. The hotel staff were unaccomodating and dismissive. We moved to another hotel while they "investigated". They brought in a service that determined there were no bedbugs and I must have gotten the bedbugs elsewhere. Thanks alot and I will never stay here again. The staff was unbelievably rude.

I stayed in this hotel for two nights the past memorial day holiday. I woke up in the morning with 5 huge bites on my left leg (all in a row). I haven't been able to stop scratching them. They are definitely marks from bed bugs, as I never noticed a mosquito biting me five times in a row on the same leg. don't stay at this hotel unless you want to be bit all night and scrathing yourself all the next day. What a way to ruin a holiday.

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