Comfort Inn Central Park West
31 W 71st St
New York, NY

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Spent a night at Comfort Inn Central Park West. No issues with bed bugs.

I checked into the Comfort Inn CPW on 3/8/14. I felt unwell and lay down on the bed. I awoke a couple of hours later with a live bedbug in the bedding with me. I delivered the insect to the front desk and was given a new room.

Sunday night, I found three swollen bug bites on my upper arm. I don't know if these were delayed reaction from the original room's bugs or bites acquired in the new room.

Stayed one night 8/24/13. In the morning found one bed bug crawling across bathroom floor. We haven't noticed any bites and we checked all our bags and wrapped everything up to deal with at home. Hoping nothing made it home!

Stayed here for three nights in mid August. No sign of bed bugs. comfortable hotel with great staff.

Very bad place got bedbugs and no a/c

Stayed in a room in late March/early April. No bugs seen.

Stayed here in early March 2012, Room 505. No bedbugs found and no bites. Basic Accomodation, but you get, what you pay for. Staff was always friendly.

Monday, January 23, 2012 stayed in room 603. Awoke to two red bumps on my left arm. Didn't think much of it. Noticed the bumps get bigger throughout the week. About 4-5 days later the bumps have appeared on both arms, my legs, hands and backside. They are mildly itchy. Clothes from the trip are washed and suitcase is wrapped in plastic bag. Washed sheets on my bed at home too. I'm worried I may have brought them home with me, so now the waiting period begins.

Stayed here two nights Dec. 21 and 22, 2011- no problems with bed bugs. Basic comfortable accommodations

Stayed there 4 nights (November 2011). I did not see any bed bugs. A week after returning home still no signs of biting... :-)


Checked for bed bugs when we got to the hotel and found no signs of bed bug infestation. However, on the last day, before we checked out, found a bed bug on our bed. Killed it and flushed it. When we got home, we put everything into garbage bags and cleaned them on high heat. Our luggage we threw out one and tripled bagged the other. Vacuum our car and luggage before bagging them. Delicates are in the deep freeze. A week after our trip, bites started to appear on one side of m

y body but my husband has no signs of bites. Hoping that we did not bring any home with us :(

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We stayed 4 nights in late August 2011. Our room was completely clear of bugs. We checked several times and didn't see any traces of current of past infestations. A very pleasant experience!

room 404, 12. february till 20 february.
NO bed bugs. everything was fine.
checked the room after check-in and found nothing.

Stayed from dec3rd to dec7 th
Room 406
I brought bedbugs from there to my Home!

I reluctantly submit my report of bedbugs because I really like staying at this hotel and management could not have been nicer. I stayed here last month and woke up itching during the night. I did not have any bites, though. When I was checking out I found a live bedbug crawling across my pillow and a gigantic dead water bug in my closet. I called management and they came up to the room, along with the head of housekeeping. I feel for hotel owners because it seems like it's impossible to co

ntrol. They were very decent about it and made an adjustment to my bill and said that they had made immediate plans to clean and fumigate the room.

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We stayed at this hotel Aug5-8 2010 and had several bed bugs in our bed that we killed on our last day. We informed the front desk personal about the problem and they acted like it was something new to them. We contacted Choice Hotels rewards about the issue but nothing was done about the situation. Nice area to stay but we won't recommend this hotel to anyone wanting to visit NYC.

I stayed at the Comfort Inn CPW from 7/3 to 7/8. The first three days I stayed in Rm 408 and my son and his friend stayed in Rm 407. When they left for Israel, I moved to their room (407)until I checked out on the 7/8 at 1:00 PM. As I was waiting in the lobby after 1:00, I noticed bites on my hand which I thought were mosquitos or spiders at first (btw, I send a message to my son and friend asking them if they had bites, but they are out of communication and have not responded yet). As I took

the bus to the Newark Airport, I notice more on my legs and back. By the time I was flying back to Seattle, I suspected bedbugs and when I got home at 2:00 am, I dumped all my clothes into the washer and washed and dried them several times.

On Saturday, I called the front desk at the hotel and told them. They said they couldn't do anything because, the room was now occupied. The bites are now angry bright red and after five-six days show no signs of healing. However, I see no signs of new bites, so I hope I am out of the woods.

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