Chelsea Lodge
318 W 20th St
New York, NY

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We stayed in a garden suite 12-17th September. I was bitten near the end of our stay and reported it to reception staff. The individual we dealt with was unhelpful bordering on hostile. He said now that we'd told him, he was obligated to check the room - I think he said they'd have to "tear it apart."

We had planned to change rooms anyway - the suite was not available for our last night, so we moved to what I think is called a deluxe room (downstairs). I was not bitten in this room but we al

most certainly would have carried bugs with us.

When I next spoke to the same member of staff, he informed us that they had examined the first room and "there was nothing there." When I suggested the bugs might be hard to find, he insisted he would have found them if they were there. He was hostile and argumentative.

Now we are home trying to contain any contamination. I have found one bedbug in clothes that have already gone through the hot-washer-and-dryer routine and fear we are fighting a losing battle.

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I was staying in room 2A. I stayed there for four nights. I thought I was allergic to the detergent used in the sheets but after I got back I went to the doctor and he told me the welts were caused by bed bugs. I notified Chelsea Lodge via e-mail and they didn't respond back to me (I knew they wouldn't). I'm frantically cleaning my apartment, and praying to god I didn't bring any back with me. It feels like bee stings on my back and chest. This entire experience has been awful. If anyone hasn't

had bed bug bites consider yourself fortunate they are hard core!

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