Bowery Grand Hotel
143 Bowery
New York, NY 10002

Found 2 reports:

Late in the night I was in an economy room doing work on my laptop from the bed. Saw all the signs. More than once a small bug tried to climb on me. I moved the blanket and saw several more. When I saw small black stains in the sheets I was out. No time to waste. Took a late night bus home 1 day early.

Checked in Sunday October 4, 2015. One single room in Chinatown for an overnight stay. Went to lay down around 9:30pm when I felt my leg itch. Turned on the light to see a huge bed bug on the bed. Covered myself from head to toe with clothing as I thought a few hours and I will be ok. I woke up Monday October 5, 2015 to bites on my R wrist, nape of neck and L thigh and calf. When I went to show staff that morning I was told they could not refund because I booked thru a website.

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