Best Western Convention Center Hotel
522 W 38 8th Ave
New York, NY 11224

Found 8 reports:

Stayed here March 10-14, 2012 on 8th floor. Looked for evidence of bed bugs and found none. Have not had any bites. Temperpedic mattress was more comfortable than anticipated. Room was small and train whistle outside our window was minimally annoying. Overall great experience.

Stayed at this hotel in late September, 2011 and found no bedgbugs. I found the bathroom and guest room very clean and well run.

We stayed at the Best Western, on the fourth floor, from June 14th to 18, 2011. I checked the room very carefully (bed, box spring, picture frames) and there were no bedbugs. Nor do we have any bites.
This is the second time we have stayed here, with only good comments to report.

We stayed at this hotel in April 2011, and found no evidence of bedbugs. We found this hotel clean and well run. Our king size bed was a temperpedic mattress comfortable and completely free of bed bugs. WE checked very carefully as we are completely paranoid about coming in contact with something so gross.

I stayed at this hotel in July 2010 and again in Sept. 2010 and found no evidence of bedbugs and believe me I looked as I am completely paranoid about coming in contact with something so disgusting. I found this hotel clean and well run. They updated the chairs in the lobby.

Nov 11, 2010

From BW Convention Center Hotel
Just want to clarify about the bed bug issue on the 9th floor and 6th floor. We had no bed bug bits report from any of the guests who stayed here in our hotel, but because of the email you sent us that we went to check in those rooms just to play on the safe side and we have no evidence of any.

Stayed in 2 different rooms between Nov 1-3 2010, 9th floor directly to the left of the elevator and 6th floor, second door to the left. Don't know if both of the rooms were infected or only one of them. After I got home the bed bug bites was all over my body I looked terrible.

July 27-28th. Bed bugs. First room on the left side as you walk out of elevator on the 8th floor.

No nearby bug reports