Astor on the Park
465 Central Park W
New York, NY

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Saw a video on Youtube about a horrible infestation after I stayed for one night at the hotel. Had to wash and dry clean all clothes when I came back home.

DO NOT STAY HERE. 5th Floor has a bad infestation. I just saw a Youtube video posted on Jan. 4, 2016 by guest that stayed there. The guys girlfriend has horrible bites all over her body.

i stayed at the hotel for a few days in dec of '15. i itched constantly while was in the room. and one point swatted at something on my neck to find a bug attached to my skin. i crush the bug to find blood on my hand. i left a day early because it was such a creepy crawly place.


See the daily mail newspaper dated 01/02/16

Saw a video on facebook. There is an infestatiom of bedbugs there

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