Grand Hyatt New York
Park Ave & Grand Central Tower
Manhattan, NY

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Stayed here with family 3/8-3/11. No issues at all. Very nice hotel. There were three of us and not a single problem. I would stay here again.

Nice hotel, newly renovated. No bed bugs here.

Stayed at Grand Hyatt 9/14 to 9/18. Had no experiences with bed bugs. Hotel was very nice and clean. Would not hesitate to stay at this hotel again!

July, 2011 Stayed at the grand Hyatt experienced no problem neither did my sister who had her own room.

I checked in on Saturday 3/19/2011 for one night. I ran the NYC Half Marathon on 3/20/11. Didn't sleep at all because the thought of bedbugs scarde me but I am happy to report that I did not see any bedbugs. Thank you very much to the staff at the Hyatt.

Stayed at the Grand Hyatt January 28 and 29 for the Writers and illustrators Conference. No bedbugs. And we thoroughly checked the room. The rooms were immaculate.I did not hear of any complaints from the people I talked to at the conference. I really loved this hotel.

Stayed for 3 nights 11/10/10 - 11/13/10. Happy to bed bugs!

I just got home yesterday from staying at the Hyatt for 2 nights. As soon as we checked into our room, we immediately started checking everywhere for bedbugs, we ripped the beds apart, checking all the 'little places' they would be hiding. Checked the edges of the carpet, behind things, inside drawers, prob spent about 10-15 mins thoroughly checking the room. NO BEDBUGS!!! We saw no remnants of them, absolutely nohing! I would DEFINATELY suggest this place to stay! What a relief when our search

of the room turned up empty! :)

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I stay in the Grand Hyatt. Atleast once a year sometimes two or three times it depends on my convention.
I've never had a problem and have never heard anyone in our group of 300 plus say they've had a problem.

We stayed at the Hyatt Thanksgiving 2009, St. Patrick's Day 2008, 2007 and 2006 and not once did we ever see any evidence of bed bugs on any stay. We are going back for Thanksgiving this year. I would dispute the reports having stayed at the Hyatt each time for four days and no evidence of bed bugs.

I stayed at the Grand Hyatt in September of 2005. Shortly after, I woke up with itchy red welts all over my legs. I couldn't figure out what it was until January when finally we had an exterminator come to investigate. The first question he asked me was, "Have you stayed overnight at a hotel in New York City recently?" He indicated that bed bugs were an epidemic in NYC then! Plus, I had not stayed over night anywhere else....
It cost thousands of dollars in exterminator fees (4 seperate visits)

, throwing away and purchasing new furniture, and ripping up bedroom rugs. It's a lesson I had to learn the hard way. Please don't stay at the Grand Hyatt!!!

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In 2005, I stayed there in December. By the third day, I noticed red bumps all over my body. I was covered with them. When I got home, I realized it must have been bed bugs! I contacted the hotel just to let them know the room had bed bugs. They seemed shocked and told me they had never heard of anyone getting bed bug bites in their hotel!

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