La Quinta Inn New York City Queens
37-18 Queens Blvd
Long Island City, NY 11101

Found 2 reports:

Stayed Aug 3-6 2012 in room 304 and was devoured by bed bugs. On my face, neck, arms, hands, feet and legs. I had to go to the doc as soon as I got back to get meds to cope with the agony of the bites.

There were bedbugs in Room 408 of La Quinta Inn -- LIC as of September 17, 2009. I spotted them on the third morning of my stay. My arms and neck were spotted with bites, but I wasn't sure they were bed bugs until I actually saw the bugs on my sheets and killed them. I reported the problem to the front desk and they moved me to a new room within a reasonable amount of time. My new room did not appear to have bed bugs.

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