Country Inn & Suites-Queens
4034 Crescent St
Long Island City, NY 11101-3804

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Stayed from July 24th-29th, 2014

Room 517 corner room: on the first night, I felt itchy. Rashes with the traces of bites on elbows, back, neck, and legs then showed up on the second and third nights. The pattern of the bites matched the identification of bedbugs' bites found on the internet. The rashes were more painful than the regular mosquitoes' bites.

We showed the bites to the staff and requested to move to another room. The staff didn't seem to be surprised with the information. The

y said they would move us to the room on the 8th and 9th fl that had no history of bedbugs. This suggested that they put us in room 517 despite the prior realization of unfixed bedbugs situation.

After being granted to move to room 811, we inspected the bed, photoframes, the edges of all furnitures to make sure we didn't find any bed bugs. We moved the bed from the bed head and didn't see any bugs but a thick/ very thick layer of dust. We asked to have the floor cleaned. We washed all clothes right away to eliminate the carry over of bugs from the old room to the new room. No further bites showed up after moving the new room.

The manager compensated for the inconvenience with 1 free night.

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Stayed one night oct 1. Now have lines of bites all over arms and hands.

Stay" 6/28-30, 2013
I consider the conditions in this hotel totally unacceptable and detrimental to the health of those that stay there. A few facts: (1) we stayed in a room infested with bed bugs during a recent stay. (2) On-site hotel management, saw the bugs, acknowledge the problem and reduced our bill by 50%. (3) The room was reoccupied the evening after we checked out, an indication of quality of hotel management. Stay at this place if you want, but be prepared to deal with the health iss

ues bed bugs bring, as well as the significant costs to deal with the infestation which will likely be carried to your home.

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We stay in NY not first time, but in this hotel it is first. At night from 18 nov to 19 nov my mom get up at night and looks on her bad 2 bugs. She killed they. When she look the mirrors she was in shocked, because all her face will in red bite. We have no time to talk with managers, we change the number. We was in 614 now i type this message from 706. It's impossible. We spent in shock!

We stayed in May. We didn't realize they had bugs at the time but the night we returned home my Mom was covered in a cluster of bites which match the description of bed bug bites.

I checked in this hotel. During the First couple of nights I thought that I was bitten by a mosquito or had allergy to come food. Tonight, I removed the blanket from the bed and to my surprise found 2 bed bugs on the pillow, and couple of them on the sheet. I caught two of them and killed them. Took them to the front desk and they asked me to talk to the manager the next morning.

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