Marriott New York City Brooklyn Bridge
333 Adams St
Brooklyn, NY

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Stayed at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriot from 6/16-6/18. Never saw a bed bug but by day 2 I had at least 5 bites that matched those associated with bed bugs.

Stayed there two nights checked for bugs both nights and never found one. Very clean I even called the front desk and asked if they had had any issues lately and they said they hadn't had any real problems or infestations ever with bed bugs. But once or twice people had seen one or two maybe left over from the last person.

I saw a bed bug crawling on my pillow. I immediately jumped and and flicked it off. At the time I was not positive it was a bed bug, but the more I googled it the more it matched the pictures I was seeing on the internet. My friend found a tiny bite on his ankle and a spot of blood was left on the bed sheets from it. We spoke to the manager and we switched rooms. A couple of days later the Marriott called and said the lab did find bed bugs in the room. They said there was "bed bug activity" but

not an infestation of bed bugs...meaning they found a few, but it was not infested. Either way I will be staying away from that hotel!

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I was staying in room 396 on September 24, 2012 and saw a bed bug crawling on my bed sheet in the morning after my shower. I killed it with the sheet and blood spurted out of it, obviously just having fed on me when I slept last night. Completely disgusted, I immediately called the manager up to my room, who came up and saw the dead bug. The hotel called me today and said they called in an independent company that comes in and inspected the room and YES, it WAS confirmed to be a bed bug. They s

aid they didn’t find any more (as if only ONE is in the entire room?????? That's completely ridiculous!!!!) and said they were NOT going to quarantine the room, which I think is just awful.

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