Holiday Inn Express Downtown Brooklyn
279 Butler St
Brooklyn, NY 11217-3005
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Stayed here recently during the Independence Day weekend in Room 515 and discovered several bite marks on my stomach and upper thigh (very close to the groin!) after I checked out.

I had checked the bed and mattress for signs of bed bugs and didn't see anything so I thought that everything would be fine. I was wrong! Thankfully I quarantined my travel bag immediately after returning from NY and all clothes so I was able to wash and dry everything with hot water and high heat for an extended


I have since slept comfortably in my bed with no new bites so I have successfully escaped the bloodsuckers (fingers crossed)

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As the General Manager of the Holiday Inn Express hotels, I can tell you that we DO NOT have a bed bug issue in any of the two Holiday Inn Express Hotels in Brooklyn. We had a professional Pest Elimination Company conduct an inspection in our hotels after the allegation was made and they were unable to find any evidence of bed bugs. We conduct a quarterly inspection to ensure we remain as clean as we are. If you have any questions on this matter, please feel free to contact me directly, Louis Go

nzalez at (718) 797-1133.

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4/17/2010 Holiday Inn Express, Butler Street, Brooklyn, NY. Room on top floor. Found one bedbug on sheets in the morning. Brought it down in plastic bag, and reception offered to take $50 off our bill.

During the week of February 15th, my husband & I were staying at the Holiday Inn Express. On February 18th, I noticed a few red & very itchy bumps on both arms and upper back. I went to the doctor the next day and she advised that they seemed to be insect bites, but wasn't quite sure. We informed the hotel mgmt and asked them to move us to another floor & room. Over that particular weekend, my husband and I developed more bites & the itching was horrible. We went to a dermotologist for a sec

ond opinion and they confirmed that we had bedbug bites. We made arrangements to check out of the hotel right away & had to wash all of our clothing & other items in hot water before arriving at our next destination. It was an awful experience and I truly hope they have made an effort to get rid of these pests.

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