Days Inn Brooklyn
437 39th St
Brooklyn, NY 11232-2909

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I stayed in the hotel for one night, but didn't sleep well. I noticed little black specks on the sheets in the morning and I also noticed blood. Then I saw a bedbug the size of a ladybug on the sheet. I put a plastic bottle cap on it before it ran away. I was freaked out and I called the front desk asking to speak to the manager; conveniently, the manager was not around. The front desk sent a maintenance man, who quickly carried the bug away in a zip lock bag. I called the front desk and they pr

etended to do a search by lifting up the matress. They claimed that was the only bug and that they didn't know where it came from. I demanded a refund and to speak to the manager--again everyone claimed that they did not know where the manager was and that the best they could do was to give me a 25% discount off the room. I was livid. In the end they refunded my money on the condition that I would not report them to the health department.

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