Brooklyn Motor Inn
140 Hamilton Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11231

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Tetyana K 09/27/2011

I booked this hotel for 2 nights and because of bedbug infestation had to leave the hotel for the second night and stayed at the restaurant (opened 24/7) and was able to change my departure from NY from 11:15 am to 06:05 am. The whole body was itching and some rash appeared. The bed sheets were marked with blood stain. Now I am washing my clothes and took same to cleaners. Hope my house and my family won't have this problem. Wish I checked this website before I booked the

hotel. Though I relied on

see full report...

10/29/2010 Stayed over night, and when I awoke, my face, hands, and stomach was on fire! I even killed one on my pillow! I called them to tell them about their bed bug problem, but I see that they havent taken any consideration. I have pictures of my bites.

stayed here a few times and now I have bed bugs!!!!

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