Wendover Nugget Hotel & Casino
101 Wendover Blvd
Wendover, NV

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Was staying in room #m565 right next to my sister in #m563. Received a call from her to come over to their room and look at a bug my nephew discovered crawling on his neck. Yep it was a bed bug. I have a lot of experience with these little critters from where I work so I know what one looks like. I caught the bug put it in a cup and took it to the front desk. The gentleman at the front desk was not surprised and admitted they had a issue with this room before. Wow go figure, and like the other p

osts they didn't seem to care and not one person at the front desk apologized for the inconvenience. This hotel is a dive and I wouldn't stay there again. Because if they don't care of the problem they have they are sure not going to try and fix it. They will just let you take these critters home and what a disaster it will be for you at home. Stay away from the Nugget unless you want to take home some critters!!!!!!

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December 1 2012
We checked in dropped off our stuff in the room and went to dinner and a concert. After the show we went back to our room to change and I saw a big crawling on my white shirt I had left out on the bed. I had my husband look at it and he thought it was a tick, we went to the casino and I googled pictures of bedbugs and realized that is what the bug was. We went back to the room and pulled back covers and sheets were we saw another bug crawling that my husband trapped in a cup. I

then called the front desk and was told they had no rooms and no manager available until the morning. I said I was not staying in a room with bugs so they sent up security to check it out. The 2 women security officers took pictures and didn't seem at all surprised to see the bed bugs. I asked if this was a problem in the hotel and her answer was " we've never had a problem in this room" leading me to believe that they obviously had in other rooms. Long horrible story short we spent hours trying to change rooms (including being given key to and occupied room) and basically no cooperation from front desk we drove home because all rooms in wendover were full. I tried unsuccessfully for over a week to reach the manager and was always told he (Brandon) was not available or off for the day. I never heard anything back from the hotel about my written complaint. Horrible experience, service and follow up. I will never stay there again and spent hours at the laundry mat washing everything we had taken in hot water and threw a lot is stuff away to make sure we didn't take the critters home.

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The ONE time I don't check the bedbug registry... OMG. First of all, we book a spa suite so you would expect it to be nice. No. It was filthy. The bed was horrid. The mattress was smashed flat and the pillows were wadded up onto the cases. Very uncomfortable. The toilet seat was worn...everything was filthy from hair and crumbs in the ice bucket to food on the ground. I woke up in the morning and there was a bedbug on my husbands pillow. Then one crawled out on the bed. In daylight. I about died

. We got our room comped but that is not enough. Manager did not act surprised. DO NOT STAY HERE!!!

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Stayed at the Wendover Nugget on March 22, 2012. The room was very dirty and disgusting. The next morning, after a miserable night of tossing and turning, I discovered bed bugs in the bed. I called the front desk, asked to speak with the manager. I had a conversation with Brandon Miller. Brandon was mostly unconcerned. His customer service skills are sadly lacking. The Nugget management knows they have a problem with a bed bug infestation but are not dealing with it. My guess is they hope

most guests won't figure out the place is infested until it is too late. I am so glad I discovered the bugs so I could take precautions and not take any home. My 30-40 bites took about 3 full weeks to heal. I've learned a lot from the experience. I will never stay & the Nugget again & I have made a point to inform everyone I know about the problem.

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