Town House Motor Lodge
303 W 2nd St
Reno, NV 89503-5306

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Infested with bed bugs!!! I have no central heat, it's snowing and i captured a picture of a bed bug last night, i cannot say much to them because due to circumstances this is the only place i could stay, I'm not happy with them not telling me about the electric heaters they have in m room, they are taking young people's money charging full price and not telling anyone before they rent that they have no central heat. It's always freezing, and bugs every where, it also smells like cat urine, even

after i spray Lysol and bleach!!!!!! I want something done, and letting people stay for free after i was hounded to pay on time!!!!

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My mother used to tell me "sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite" I had thought they were a tall tale until I stayed there for a month and my room was infested. In talking to some of the people who lived and worked onsite apparently the entire place was crawling with bugs. The owner is a well known attorney in town and he had pest control there frequently but I believe they didn't handle the problem properly. I met one tenant who's arms were covered with bites and he did not know what i

t was and almost lost his job as a cook because his employer thought he might have some disease. Other local hotels will not allow anyone to stay if they knew you lived at town house. The health department stopped by on one occasion due a report, but clark pest had already been in the room.

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Totally infested with bed bugs in my room. Manager missing when I tried to find them.

The place is a complete dump in the first place, just drive a few minutes away for really good hotels at the same price.

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