Quality Inn South
1885 S Virginia St
Reno, NV 89502-3401

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around 3/12/10 we checked into a room everything looked fine but no internet ...we where then checked into another room and same thing no interenet...we where then checked into room 233. My friend was getting irritations on her skin,she took shower but was still getting reddish marks, she then noticed small orangish/reddish bugs in pillows,she jumped up then we pulled blankets bac and seen too many bugs to count . e where given another room and was told that they where from outside and the chang

e of season is the cause. so we where checked into a 532,the clerk said we should be fine since we would be in building thats separate from rest, the next morning, I woke up took shower came back to bed and seen large bug ,I put in cup called front desk,room service came took it and said it was from trees,the front desk said they will give us no more rooms and told us that we probably brought them and can't be given any more rooms even though we did'nt have any problems in first 2 rooms other than than not having internet.We told manager what happen ,he called someone in to bully us ,then gave me his card then told me to call and let him know what we want.He then gave us run-around. Til this day they hotel will not accept responsibility.

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