Motel 6 South
1901 S Virginia St
Reno, NV 89502-3407

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Stayed at motel 6 Virginia plum for one night on nov 30, 2013. The next day I noticed red itchy spots on my arm, I did not inspect the room prior to sleeping for bed bugs as it has never been a problem in any place I've stayed. I am hoping that I did not bring any home but I left a jacket and pants on the bed, so it's possible bugs may have transferred. I advise everyone to do a thorough inspection of their rooms before staying at this motel 6.

I checked in on the 3/2/2011. That evening I had noticed that something had bitten me badly on the toe, I didn't think much of it. I was just about to drift off to sleep at about midnight when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye on the covers. It was a big, big bed bug. I couldn't believe it at 1st, I then jumped up out of bed and ransacked the room looking for something to catch it in.
I found a clear plastic battery case and my proof for management.

I stormed out to the front d

esk, the guy working the night shift found it somewhat amusing (at one point he laughed) that I had managed to catch one. He offered to move me to another room up-stairs but I refused telling him I wasn’t going to stay here and I wasn’t finding any of this funny at all. He said he wasn't able to give me a refund but if I came back in the morning that manager on duty would do so.
She was very apologetic and mentioned that she had called someone to come in to 'fix' the problem. She gave me a full refund.

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