Gateway Inn of Reno
1275 Stardust St
Reno, NV

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Have been here for approx 2 years, the nightmare started in October, we have nothing left , it almost costs us or marriage, have been treated terribly, I would not recommend renting here to anyone !!! The place is infested, like I have never seen before, the sad part is I used to love it here, grew views, nice balcony,ECT. What a shame, now I'm just mad , would like compensated for all my material losses & mental, physical & emotional damages , I know I'm not the only one...

Donner inn motel reno
720 W 4th St, Reno, NV 89503
Infested 9/28/15

My husband and i lived here about three months. After moving in, everything seemed fine. About two weeks into our stay I saw two bed bugs. I immediately called the manager to our room. He looked around and said he didn't see any bugs and they must have come from us. While looking around he said that "at least you guys have a decent mattress. Some of the mattresses are covered in droppings.". Discussing. So just confirming that they do have a problem and don't take care of the issue at han

d. I have never had bed bugs before in my life. I was promised my room would be sprayed in two weeks when the pest company came. We were consistently seeing the bedbugs untill the week we moved! Well they came and left and forgot my room (April). And again forgot us in May when they sprayed. So when June came I gave my notice and left. I can't handle sharing my bed with those nasty bugs.

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Me and man been living here since March,9,2015 and we never had a problem till a month later I've been talking to the office about taking care of the gap under our door because of here and bugs in the hallway I truly didn't want any bugs coming in to our room and we still resign here, so we letting it go and till the point I told the manager again still no repair . So about a month later ,, then 2 later I starting seeing bed bugs In the hallway and the laundry room and then our neighbor come by

to visit he sees a bed bug trying to get in my room ,,,, the bed bugs ,,, it's not a nice feeling I'm not sleeping cause now there in other people's room travel cause the even in the down stairs units and the building next door... but I still was trying to be nice and then of all things your comfortable zone the bathroom ,, come on help me ,, I'm really drowning I've been falling to sleep at work cause I've been tired to the point of no sleep cause of these bugs I lost my job then last but the last thing is my family ,, my beautiful dog , my family I look down to pet here and there is a bed bug chilling on her,,.. I need to get help to have them or somebody pay my suffering and even if I was still trying to have a kind heart but ,,,,,, NO MORE ABUSE.. WE NEED TO BE PAYED TO MOVE FOR THIS UNCOMFORTABLE FALSE ADVERTIZMENT BED BUG INFESTED PLACE AND OUR CLOTHES ,, EVERYTHING TO BE PAYBACK FOR ALL THE PaIN SUFFERING

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My fiance and I lived there for almost 3 months, we left one night on a family emergency, when we returned the next morning at 8 my 1 year old dog had got hit in the mouth with something, out neighbors said she was barking around 9:30 the night before and they heard someone in our room. Don't stay there they carry a 357 around and smoke weed right in the front office and the rooms smell like animal urine and they are not clean at all

Bed bugs at this location.

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