Bonanza Motor Inn
215 W 4th St
Reno, NV 99999

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On the 29th of August about 4 o'clock I checked into the bonanza inn. I put my accessories in the room & headed out for dinner and fun. I came in late that night to study, stayed up most of night. I slept most of next day (30th). When I got up, dressed got about 1/2 block to restaurant to eat I felt a itch & small bite on my wrist I ignored it! Later while eating I felt something on my side itching but didn't see anything. After eating I felt warm not to good I thought it was the altitude chang

e so I went back to the inn instead of studying I took a hot bath & went immediately to bed. I awake later sweating, big red swollen spots all over my face my arms was also swollen, puffy, itchy & red! I immediately went to the office closed! I kept going to the office for hours. The cleaning lady showed up later I told & showed her. We both went to the office. The manager is a sweet elderly lady she requested the cleaning lady to bring me to the office. Upon looking she wanted me to go to her clinic, took her awhile to get ready but I was itching, swollen & scared. I've stayed at this hotel many times in the past no problems. I just call, ask if she have any rooms and make reservations. We went to her clinic the immediately told her I needed emergency room care! We went there where they were identified! I was told to get benedryl & hydrocortisone & to seek further treatment if it wasn't better in three days. Given instruction by hospital as well! I immediately checked out but the owner told me I still had to pay for the two nights I slept with bedbugs! I didn't want to argue just get back to CA. For med. care I called the health dpt. seems most took off for labor day week! I finally reported it. So far I haven't heard if anyone been there to check it out. It's been two weeks my face/arms have large black spots that never go away! I haven't healed! They scalp over, itch and turn dark. My chin turned 3 times it's original size as I drive back to CA. Alone. I have burned everthing but my bible & worried my car might be infested from what I wore back. I have very long hair don't know if i should cut it. I haven't been anywhere for two week as of tommorrow. I look like a monster! My emergency room bill came today 126.00$. I know I need stronger rx & see a dr. Hospital advised that I might need to keep a bee sting kit reaction so drastic! The manager I haven't heard from! She said she would pay bill but charged me two night for room full of bugs. Hospitals don't get involved in third party billing. I'm a disabled person & over the counter rx not working! There is about 40 units in this inn. I picked it because it was small, clean & owner friendly! I was taught to respect my elders so I paid at considerable expense to me. I felt betrayed that she would

charge after seeing me, going to hospital with me, hearing/ reading diagnosis! I'm traumatized! I had made reservation for
a week. I'm still itchy, have some very scary pictures if you would like to view. Burned a week worth of cloths including leather jacket! Scheduled to go to dr. Friday more bills/meds. I must say that over the years I've stayed there she have been a very kind person! Never a problem from me or her. I'm wish this didn't happened but it did! I'm embarresed to go to church my face black blotches look like I'm diseased! So broke, paid for two nights of bugs, scared I've tracked them home and appaled that she charged me as well. So what's with the health dpt? Should I have to foot all the expense! I really like her but this is wrong! Suffering in berkeley! Praying she will (after I consult with others) reemburse me for room & medical bills. Somehow I don't think so, she had my card & charged for room! We as people need to accept responsibility when things go wrong! She is not broke or ill I am. All I have to look forward to is more bills. Need to see a dermatologist for skin. All bills on me! Sad! Guess nice extend only to paying customers who can't recover expenses.

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