Tropicana Resort and Casino
3801 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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Totally disgusting!

Be very weary booking your room at this casino.

Not my video but looked exactly like what I just had in my room, before I went and demanded a room change.

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We stayed at Tropicana for a conference. I began to notice bites after the 1st night on 8/14/13 but didn't think much of it until my roommate also said something about also having bite marks. On a very little review of the bedding we found a little brown bug, and noticed tiny spots of blood. We put the bug in a water bottle and went straight to management. So far they have gave us little in the way of an apology.

Very disappointing start to my first Vegas vacation in July of 2011. Booked a 5 night stay here only to get to my bedroom and find blood on the sheets. This led me to investigate further, I pulled the whole mattress apart to find bedbugs dead and alive near the bed rest. Hotel manager would not refund me, wanted to upgrade me but I needed out of there. I eventually received my refund from Travelocity 14 days later, but was very disappointed in the level of customer service from hotel management.

They almost seemed bothered that I would not take the upgrade just to make me go away quickly. DO NOT BOOK HERE!!

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