Siena Suites
6555 Boulder Hwy
Las Vegas, NV 89122-7455

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We have been here for a couple weeks and from the first week my husband started noticing bites all over his hands and arms. Every day we wake up we notice more and more bites. We reported it to the manager and he said " We don't have bed bugs, you must have brought them with you" Umm...Really? First off what kind of customer service is that?! And funny how I've NEVER had a bed bug bite in my life prior to staying here, it seems kinda far fetched that "we brought them"! We asked to move rooms on

5 different occasions now and they keep giving us the run around saying we can but we have to do it tomorrow, then when we go down there again the people at the office don't know what we're talking about and say theres no rooms available. Then say they can bomb our room and move us temporarily but we'll have to go back to that room. But that doesn't make much sense? What if the new room has bugs and we just bring it back to the now "clean" room? I'm fed up but don't have many options because we need to be in this area and theres no other suites in this area. Oh and Management refuses to give me their corporate number to speak with someone who MIGHT give a damn about how they're running this place.

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Spent five nights at Siena Suites room number 9103. Checked in on 7/3 and checked out on 7/7. On 7/6 I noticed two bug bites on my right arm. One above the elbow and one below. Didn't suspect bed bugs do to small number of bites. Didn't notice any other signs. On the night of 7/6-7 i awoke while being bitten on my shoulder. I am allergic to bug bites so it burned. I looked around and saw nothing on the sheets but found an adult bedbug on the underside of my pillow. I captured the bed bu

g and took pictures.

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Siena Suites, building 7, room 7204 has Bed Bugs. My Son and I stayed at the hotel between 10-14 Jan 2012. I found blood spots on my sheets, but didn't recognize the symptoms. Then I started developing red bumps consistent with the photos of Bed Bug bites found on the internet. The bumps began to itch and I found that there were many more bites than I first realized. The bumps presented on my ankles, elbows, knees, abdomen and even my face. I tried to bring my concerns to the housekeeping staff

, but found that the young women did not understand standard English. I spoke to her in Spanish, explaining that I believed there were Bed Bugs in the room. She immediately understood and referred me to the office. I spoke to an African-American lady in the office who immediately called the maintenance staff. She specifically asked them to check for "BB's" over the hand held radio. It took them five hours and a call back from me, to acknowledge the Bed Bugs, but did not refund as THEY said they would or return subsequent phone calls. I left multiple messages for Bill, the Manager that I had been directed to call, but two days later I still have no response. I am truly suffering with these Bed Bug bites. As a 58 year old U.S. Army Veteran, I have had many insect bites, but I can testify that these Bed Bug bites are exceptionally difficult to leave alone. I had to dispose of my luggage and disinfect my car (I have no certainty that the BMW is dis-infested). My Wife of 36 years was horrified at the prospect of Bed Bugs entering our home, making me disrobe before coming into the house. We boiled my clothing to kill the Bed Bugs or eggs. I suppose I sound like a "Whiner", but I am literally itching between key strokes as I write this report. This is NOT a small problem as it has been a real Hassle! My Wife and I have traveled all over the world and have NEVER encountered Bed Bugs even in third world countries. I am appalled that this Hotel would suggest write that they have a clean Hotel; Absolutely Not a True Statement on their part! Write me and I will send you pictures of the bites. Thank you reading about this incident and for operating this site.

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Also had roaches behind the oven and in the cupboards and bathroom. Carpet was also so dirty it turned your feet black.

I stayed in the Siena Suites over the weekend of Aug 5th - 7th. I had no problems whatsoever other than not being able to get coffee. No bugs. The room was clean and well prepared.

A coffee pot is provided along with a packet of coffee with sweetner and cream. Morning after my first night I asked the housekeeper if I could have another for the next morning. She didn't even have any with her. She said she would bring me one, but, of course, did not.

Not sure how someone would know that mult

iple buildings were "infested," as a person typically only stays in one room.

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3/26-28/2010 Went to Monster Truck finals. Stayed at this hotel out of convienance and found no problems with my room. Where my friends stayed in the room next door and found the remote under blankets and room dirty. I was very satisfied where they were not!!!!!

Bedbugs are an unfortunate reality of the lodging industry. No hotels are immune and as recent national news reports indicate, even the finest hotels are battling the pests. The key to minimizing infestation and eliminating contact with our guests is having an effective internal and external process for dealing with them. Siena Suites does. We regret any inconvenience caused by the experiences mentioned below but want to assure our guests that these were isolated. Of the 600 rooms we have i

n our hotel, all have been checked for infestation and we are proud to report the hotel does not have a bed bug problem. For six years we have been delivering Las Vegas’ best hospitality and lodging value in extended stay hotels and invite you to join us as a future guest.

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multiple buildings at this location are extremely infested with bedbugs... to the point where they should be shut down... it is extremely disgustion

I was not expecting this but my girlfriend and I checked into this hotel expecting a very nice roon. This was no the case we went to sleep and woke up with spots of blood on our sheets. When we notified the front desk the staff (an older african american lady) kind of giggled and smiled and said you are not the first one to complain. While we were gone the housekeeping manager whom I could not get a card of his checked I assumed checked the room because upon our arrival back to the hotel we stop

ped at the office and our belongings and our room was changed to another room so I assumed correct there were bedbugs in the room. Be aware looks are deceiving this place is a dump.

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This hotel is infested with bedbugs all buildings inparticular bulidings 9, 5, 12, 11. The hotel is also infested with roaches of every description.

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