Planet Hollywood Towers by Wesgate
80 E Harmon Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89109-4533

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February 3-7,2014
We stayed in Planet Hollywood for four nights
North Tower Room 17th floor - no bed bugs, but
the hotel made me extremely ill with all the
chemicals they spray in the air conditioning
system in the whole hotel, rooms, lobby and
casino. Came home with a serious lung infection
called the hotel twice,no one would call me back
finally called CDC in Atlanta and they gave me
board of health. Board of Health went to the hotel
to find out what chemicals they use and I was tol

they use four different ones in the central air
and four more different ones in the rooms, this
may be why we had no bed bugs in our room. My
Doctor was shocked at the condition I was in and
I had to take a lot of drugs (thank god for
Canada's medical) and it took me a month to get
well. I wrote the President of Planet Hollywood
to let them know that non of the staff care about
anything and how they refused to let me speak to
the General Manager of the hotel. Stay away from this hotel if you are sensitive to any chemicals
it is not worth getting as sick as I did.

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I stay at the Paris twice a year for the last 5 years. Most recent trip was May. Never a problem with bedbugs or any other bugs.

Stayed in a penthouse suite on the 25th floor. Didn't realize I had bed bug bites till I got home.

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