Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino, A Sheraton Hotel
3667 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV

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I stayed in room 2684 ( room closest to the ice machine)... didn't have bites, but the bugs came home with me. I was there for work trip from March 30 to April 3 2015. I found the bugs 10 days after I was home. I live in an 1 bedroom apartment and it costed $500 to get rid of the bedbugs! We hired an exterminator and he said bed bugs are hitch hikers... the pest control said no matter how clean you keep your house they will still hide until you find them. Along with the pest control bills, we w

ere advised to buy a steam cleaner to clean our couch and mattress.

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Stayed here October 2014. Woke up to find a bedbug on my shoulder. Ended up taking bedbugs home with me. It has been a nightmare dealing with the situation and dealing with the insurance company (CCMSI). Just trying to get a fair settlement for costs incurred, such as exterminator. They are very unpleasant to deal with. Has caused a lot of stress in my life. The rooms are very dark and that makes it difficult to check for bedbugs. If you stay here bring a flashlight. Better yet don't ev

er stay here!

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As a follow-up to Itchy Dave's report on 4/27/2014, we stayed at Planet Hollywood from 17-20 Dec 2014 in room 1260 in the North tower. We were fully aware of the bedbug problems at PH and did a thorough search of mattresses, bed frames and headboards with LED torches. We found two DEAD bedbug nymphs. After reading Itchy Dave's report and being absolutely horrified at the prospect that we were staying in the very same room that had a recorded bedbug infestation, we debated for some time whether w

e should stay or request another room. In the end, we decided to stay because the queen-sized mattresses and frames were brand new and the room had a strong chlorine smell, like it had undergone some serious chemical treatment... Getting another room would be a lottery ticket as to whether it may or may not be infested. Judging from our observations, management had treated the bedbug infestation in room 1260. However, we took precautions during our stay (i.e. used luggage racks, no clothes/luggage left on beds, etc.) and did complete body checks each morning to ensure there were no bites on our bodies. No bites were found on us during our stay. After our close encounter, I never want to stay in this hotel again.

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I stayed here with my girlfriend in room 2294 from july 25th - 28th.

We both had bites on our legs. Worst thing is that the bugs came home with us...

I stayed at Planet Hollywood on April 23rd and 24th, of 2014. My bed was infested with bed bugs and I woke up with bites all over me. I was in room 1260 on the north side. PH told me contact their risk management department if I had any concerns.

I stayed at Planet Hollywood, was in town for the SEMA convention (03/11 - 10/11)... Room 673. The mattress, should have been replaced ages ago as it had well past its useful life & was infested with Bed Bugs, left PH with a rash up to my knees on both legs... Explained the situation to the hotel staff when i was checking out, and they where not interested what so ever. Extremely disappointed, and I will NEVER stay in this hotel again.

Stayed at PH hotel room was ok. Mattress was very old and lumpy. We asked for a new room but they could not move us. I woke up the second night with bites all over my back. Told the front desk they said they would check it out and never heard a thing. Went to lost and found because I left something behind, the staff did not know I was there and heard them talking about there bug problem. Stayed on the 21 floor i believe room 2156. On Nov 10 and 11.

Stayed at PH hotel room was ok. Mattress was very old and lumpy. We asked for a new room but they could not move us. I woke up the second night with bites all over my back. Told the front desk they said they would check it out and never heard a thing. Went to lost and found because I left something behind, the staff did not know I was there and heard them talking about there bug problem. Stayed on the 21 floor i believe room 2156. On Nov 10 and 11.

9/2513 PH room 3327. Woke up this morning to find a brown flat oval shaped bug crawling on the sheets. I was hoping it wasn't what I suspected. Never saw a bedbug so I Googled them. Sure enough it WAS a bedbug. Totally creeped out. Reported it to housekeeping but had to leave for work. Once I return to the room I'll find out what was done. Beware of this hotel. Many reports of infestations.

Stayed at Planet Hollywood March 10th thru 12th 2013 and encountered bed bugs. This hotel has fabric squares on the wall which creates a make-shift headboard. We were lucky....I woke up in the middle of the night to a LARGE bed bug on my pillow which promted a call to housekeeping. Sure enough when housekeeping removed the fabric squares on the wall there were many more discovered. To the best of my recollection we were on the 26th we were in was fumigated the next day

Just stayed at Planet Hollywood and am pleased to report there were no signs of bed bugs, nor any bites.

We purchased traps and set them up under the mattress and in our luggage as an extra layer of detection and all were empty.

Stayed 6/26-6/28 at PH's Resort Vista Room 969 and had no problems! Checked everywhere with a flashlight and just saw dust, hairs, etc, but no bed bugs. Room had a couple of spots here and there on the walls which looked like blood spots from bed bugs, but there were no bed bugs.

We stayed at the Planet hollywood in May for three nights. Horrible bites all over my stomach and under my armpits. I thought it was spider bites. Two weeks later our house in Malibu California is itch city. We have to pay 2,000 dollars to heat our whole house up to 150 degrees and we have to pay for a dog to come in and sniff to see if there are anymore. After looking up the registry, it is obvious it is not just planet hollywood it's also the cosmopolitan and Bellagio and many more! The

y are spreading everywhere!

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2012: Booked a hotel room at Planet Hollywood on the 12th floor room 1220 from March 2nd to the 5th and woke up with bites all over my back, legs, and forhead. I am allergic to the venom they inject while feeding on my skin and called the front desk that night and had security and the House Keeping manager come up and they peeled the velcro head board off and there were bed bugs! They relocated us, I had to fill out a report, and their team was very rude and were laughing at the matter. They wer

e trying to down play the issue and told me that their Risk Management Team would contact me in 2 to 3 days depending on the quickness of their team. Still am waiting for a response. I took pictures of the bed bugs they found, took pictures of the welts as well. You never know if their Housekeeping Management deleted them or not. They confirmed that there was bed bugs and said they were going to quorentine the place. But who knows. I want a refund on the room because they were rude, bad customer service, and just over all a bad team. I slept in the bath tub because I did not want to get bit anymore and didn't sleep one hour for the remainder of my trip.

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We checked in on Sept 30, 2011. Our original room was 3608 in the PH Towers, where we found a bedbug while checking the mattress. We were able to change rooms, but be sure to thoroughly check the bed! The housekeeper was just willing "to vacuum the bed."

Went From Feb 12th to Feb 19th 2011. Stayed in room 1486 I believe, took my flashlight and was prepared for the worst, taking the headboard half apart was a bit uneasy. I have to say that for that week we had ZERO bedbugs. You never really know with these kinds of things, better to be safe than sorry.

My son and I stayed in this hotel 5 Jan 2011 through 9 Jan 2011 in room 2507. I noticed what I thought was a rash but turned out to be bites. I am much wiser now and will do more research in the future. Currently taking precautions to prevent home infestation.

Stayed there (or almost did) very recently--last week of November 2010. After book I read the bedbug reports so was worried and came prepared with a flashlight. Sure enough there were no bugs visible around the bed but when we removed the fabric headboard which was velcroed to the wall(as suggested in some other entries) there were definitely bugs!!!
The room was really nice and we were given an upgrade, so dont be dece

ived by this!!!

When we went downstairs to complain they didnt even seem surprised and weren't very helpful or nice at all! They acted like we were bothering them!!!! and offered to move us to another room. We refused and demanded to be moved to another company property. They offered Planet Hollywood Towers (a newer property) or Caesar's Palace.

When we got to Hollywood Towers we left our suitcases in the hall and inspected the whole room for about 20 minutes, removing the matress and headboard once again. There was nothing in that room or hotel that we head of and things were fine over the next couple of days.

The best tips I have are don't bring your suitcase in the room until you check things out, check very well behind the headboard and pictures in addition to the bed, and do not be afraid to ask to move to another property if you find something.
These bugs are all over the hotel and this is your vacation!!! We wasted 5 hours of ours and barely got an apology

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Stayed at PH Westgate Towers, room 2405 from Oct 31-Nov 2. Came home with two welts on my leg, what appeared to be rather vicious bites, recieved one more while at home. Another friend who was staying also came home with several bites. Now apparently have to disinfect my house. Contacted the hotel days ago, no one has called me back. Do not stay at this hotel, they are unresponsive if you do experience a problem.

I was staying at Planet Hollywood for a Bachelor Party the second week of September, and while at the location I noticed Bed Bugs in my hotel rooms. I notified the front desk and they brought out their Management to try and misguide me about the seriousness of the issue. The final straw was that my friend who was also a guest, pulled back their bed sheets and noticed the same bed bugs. I don't think it was an isolated incident with this hotel and their management team is very rude in dealing

with a hotel wide problem.

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Checked in on Friday October 9th. Into room 3420 Noticed red bumps the size of dimes and one oval one the size of a quarter on Saturday morning. More on sunday and Woke up Tuesday covered with bites on wrists arms lower back,back and buttocks.
Called security; the hotel has been unable or willing to help, and unwilling to clean my clothes-which is the only thing I have asked for after paying for the room entirely out of pocket. they also won't check the room I was initially in as it is occupie

I have documented the entire situation will be seeing a physician and will report back to this page with the findings and planet hollywood's response. However I strongly advise anyone thinking of coming here to chose another cleaner hotel.

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Checked in on September 4, 2010 just for one night. They gave me room 2217 and I immediately brought my bag to the bathroom to inspect the bed and the headboard. I am SUPER PARANOID about bedbugs so it's always the very first thing I do when checking into a hotel. There was not a total infestation. The mattress actually looked okay but as I was ready to start checking the headboard and I noticed one crawling right on the white sheets. I killed it by smashing it with the ball point pen next

to the phone. At least it was only one but that was all I needed to see. I then called the front desk and was on hold for about 5 minutes before I was able to speak to someone. He told me he would have housekeeping come by and take a look. I said wanted a new room which they immediately changed. The lady from housekeeping looked at the bug and confirmed it was a bedbug.

The next room I freaked out on and checked it no less than 4 times and I left my bag and everything in the bathroom covered in a huge garbage bag (I brought a garbage bag from home). In this room I took the headboard apart from the wall and looked extensively with a flashlight (also brought from home) and I saw nothing. The headboard was attached to the wall with velcro so it wasn't hard to take off or put back on.

I woke up several times during the night just to check and see if anything was crawling on the sheets. Luckily, I saw no bedbugs in the new room.

Please, please check your bed and surrounding area.

I will say that they were very courteous and took care of me right away.

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We stayed at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino from April 9-11, 2010 to celebrate a birthday. On Sunday we found bugs in our bed. The director of housekeeping and security examined the room and found over 10 bugs on the mattress and behind the headboard. Pictures were taken and statements were made.
The Front Desk supervisor informed us that we would be contacted by the director of Risk Management within 24-48 hours. After 48 hours, we had to contact him and he explained that the phone call

was the first he had heard of the incident. Days later, we were contacted by their insurance company. One month later we were told there was nothing that could be done.
Finding bugs in a bed and then spending over an hour of our last morning in the hotel room giving statements, taking pictures and waiting for staff to examine our room was not the way we envisioned to spend the last hours of our vacation in Las Vegas.
We were recommended by friends and family to stay at Planet Hollywood for our celebration and we are very disappointed with how this investigation process was handled and that bugs were found in our bed. The investigation process took entirely too long and after more than a month of going back and forth with your staff, we refuse to accept “nothing can be done” as a final solution to this situation. We expected a discount on the room or reimbursement for our stay but we got nothing.

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During the days of January 29, 2010 thru February 2, 2010, we stayed at the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas. By the second night I became itchy on both of my legs...but of course thought nothing of it. By the third day of our stay I had what appeared to be bites on my legs and on my lower back. Again, I thought nothing of it. Upon arriving back home from our stay at the Planet Hollywood casino, I continued getting these bites. It is then when I became alarmed and began to investigate.

Sure enough, we had brought back bed bugs. During our trip to Las Vegas, the Planet Hollywood Casino was the only place we stayed. We have also not been on a trip for a few months prior to our stay at Planet Hollywood. Please be very careful if you stay at this casino...and be sure the inspect your mattress as if your life depended on it. I had to replace my cal-king mattress, throw out mostly everything in my bedroom, and replace all bedding and drapes.

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January 31 to February 7, 2010 Planet Hollywood room 2855, Las Vegas Blvd.

My fiance and I stayed there while he was at a convention. We had no bites while in Las Vegas but 5-7 days post our return bites started showing up. When the hotel was contacted they confirmed they found NUMEROUS bed bugs in the room. It is unfortunate that we didn't have signs of the bites prior to returning to Canada as we had unpacked our luggage at home and are now really worried we brought these pests back home w

ith us.

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