Luxor Hotel and Casino
3900 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

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Came to this location August 29, 2015 and went to the room on the 22nd floor. I do an inspection when I go to any hotel and I found a bed bug in one of the beds. I put it in a cup and took it to the front office where I was given a suite and had to give a full report to security and get my picture taken. The suite had no issues as I did look everyday.

Stayed at the Luxor for business trip on 9/6/14 - 9/13/14 in the East Tower room 8342. Realized there were bedbugs in my room on the night of 9/10/14. There were significant amounts of bedbugs all over both beds, enough so that I was able to record multiple videos on my phone that showed how bad the problem was. I did receive a few bites on my ankles and chest. The hotel manager handled the situation well and they sent my clothing off for dry-cleaning and they relocated me to another room in the

pyramid. I ended up throwing some of my luggage and personal items away, and the time I spent thoroughly cleaning the remaining gear was about 7 hours. This was a miserable "learning" experience, but I now know what to look for when checking into rooms. I would not recommend staying at this hotel now seeing how many other reports there are regarding bedbugs issues.

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Just stayed at the Luxor September 30th through October 2nd Room 7153 and got bitten 12 times. Realized the bites when we got home and checked my luggage and saw the bed bugs in there. Threw luggage away and washed my clothes, shampooed the carpet in the house. I'm so disgusted and traumatized. I called the Luxor Manager and he referred me to Risk Management at the Excalibar. Only gave me an email address. They don't care. I'm never staying there again and will let everyone I know not to either


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We from Europe and we stayed in the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas only two night in the West tower 6th floor. im realised around 20 bug bites!!!!! The hotel room looks clean and nice BUT there are bedbugs! I cant understund how its happend!!!!!

Stayed at the EAST Tower Room 7333 just got back yesterday. The beds looked great so did the room, I woke up the 2nd day with huge bites up and down my arms and legs, thought I was allergic to something till i stripped the bed and found them all over still moving. The hotel claims they had bed bug padding to prevent them from biting me, and that they routinely spray for them, but there was no policy for a room change, credit or some sort of help with this situation. Again they didn't give me any

credit, didn't offer to help, didn't offer anything at all. LUXOR will never get my business again. It might look clean but pull all of those sheets off and you may be very surprised at what's on the mattress that sneaks out when your asleep. Dates stayed 07/23-7/25.

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Stayed at Luxor in Vegas on June 24-27 room 26023 and was bitten by BED BUGS! OF course management doesn't give a damn!

June 17-19, 2013. Room on 5th floor 5047. Clean room, no bed bugs that I could see. No bites either. Okay stay. Hotel and rooms need an update badly. Slots Didn't pay either. Glad for Starbuck.

Stayed at The Luxor from March 29 until April 2,2013
Had 3 rooms which were very clean. Upon arrival to the rooms we did thoroughly check for bed bugs and happy to report there were none. We really enjoyed our stay and would for sure stay there again!!

Stayed at the Luxor Jan.2013 and room was amazing stayed on the 13 the floor east tower and NO BED BUGS......

I am from Switzerland and I just came back from a two weeks vacation from las Vegas where I stayed at the Luxor. What a wonderful surprise I found in my room. The room was full with bed bugs. I complained, but they blamed on me that I brought them from Switzerland. I couldn't believe it the way they treated me I never thought I could get it in a well known place like las Vegas. I certainly cannot recommend the Luxor hotel. Please avoid las is not worth to go there. February 11, 20


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I am from Switzerland and I just came back from a two weeks vacation from las Vegas where I stayed at the Luxor. What a wonderful surprise I found in my room. The room was full with bed bugs. I complained, but they blamed on me that I brought them from Switzerland. I couldn't believe it the way they trieded me. I never thought I could get it in a well known place like las Vegas. I certainly cannot recommend the Luxor hotel. Please avoid las is not worth to go there. February 11, 2


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I stayed at Luxor 11/21/12-11/25/12 Tower room 27th floor (forgot room number). Returned home with bites all over arms, stomach, and face. Doctor just confirmed it's bed bug bites. Been paying for medical attention, and been placed work for a week. NEVER staying there!!!

Feb 2012 I got bed bugs at the luxor and reported them to the mgt. They took pics, ofered no comp. Mgr Brad did not even apologise. I guess they are used to these complaints. I had to discard all of my clothes to prevent bringing them back home. Luxor never offered to repay for any of my losses.

9/20/12. We stayed in room 1206 in the West Tower. I woke up in the morning and felt itchy. Took a shower and asked my husband to check my back and he said it looked like I had been bitten several times by a bug. Our friends were with us in another room and she is an EMT. When I showed her she said it was from bed bugs. We went to the front desk and they changed our room and said they would have it inspected and call me later with the results. They never called so of course I had to stand i

n a long line once again just to find out that they were negative. Imagine that! I was told to file a report with security (another long wait) and suggested they take pictures, which of course meant more waiting for someone to bring their camera. Quite frustrating and time consuming. I went to my doctor when I got home and they confirmed that I had indeed been bitten by bed bugs. I called them to get the fax number and when they called back to let me know they received it, they said their policy was that if their test results were negative, they could not and would not do anything for me. Nobody in the entire hotel seemed to care and were actually quite complacent about it and not surprised by it in the least. Some apologies but little sincerity. Bad company policy to have your employees fake denial of the problem and pretty much call their guests liars. It has been so embarrassing for me and an experience I will never forget. I will make sure to tell everyone and anyone I meet about this negative experience. Bad form for a big name hotel!

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I stayed in the west tower floor 13 (September 2012)for 14 nights and ended up covered in bed bug bites, the hotel moved me into 3 different rooms and eventually had to boil wash all of my clothing because we believed the bugs had started moving in my suitcase. They did not apologise or offer any kind of compensation despite ruining the last week of my holiday.- they also claimed to have never had a bed bug report. I had to try and cover my body in a 47c heat because I was so self conscious ove

r how hideous the bites looked. I submitted a security report, had photos taken then they never got back to my about the results of the room fumigation. Despite having a severe reaction to the bites and ending up having to pay huge medical bills - I also had to have steriod shots to try and help. The manager did not seem too concerned. I can safely say I was happy to leave the hotel, would not recommend it and would definately never go back. The morning we were leaving, we noticed several rooms being emptied for what looked like a fumigation. This is a disgusting hotel.!

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Thought it would be kinda neat to stay for several days at the Luxor and stayed in the Tower Suites. Stayed on the 11th floor in room 376 and didn't notice the bed bug bites until late in the day when we were about to leave. (07-17-2012) Reported the incident to security who took a report, told me that the room would be "taken off the market" and was to be sprayed by a local exterminator. I was also given a report number and was told if I wished to call risk management I could do so on Friday (0

7-20-2012). I expected more form an MGM resort such as Luxor and assumed the property would be maintained better even though Luxor was initial constructed in 1993. I am itchy and look like I am breaking out, you can even see the path of "breakfast-lunch-dinner" pattern that is typical of bed bugs. Come on Luxor, MGM International, take care of this issue!

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I was in the Luxor room 16001 for four nights, on the final night of July 4th, 2012, new tenants moved into the room next to me. They were drunk, on drugs, disorderly, noisy, smoking, and they had their own stereo on full blast.

The noise was terrible and scary, especially when they had hookers come over at midnight. The noise was through the wall behind the bed's wall. It started at 3:00 PM when they moved in and continued for 11 hours solid.

I phoned security starting at 5:00 PM. Fr

om 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM, I phoned front desk, hotel operator, and security 10 times and made 10 complaints.

At 2:00 AM (11 hours later), the bellhop arrived at my room and said they were moving me to another room.

I was very unhappy to have to move rooms in the middle of the night, especially as I was leaving the next day on a big plane ride. It was very dissruptive and disturbing and I got absolutely no sleep at all on my final night.

When I complained the 10 times I kept asking them to evict the new tenants who were destroying the room next door. I was told by one staff member that because they have that person's credit card, that they do not care if the room is destroyed as they can charge the persons for new furniture and repairs.

On check out they did give me that final night for free as I said I did not want to pay for the last night as I felt that I was treated unfairly. I am glad I did not have to pay for the last night there. I am undecided if I want to return to the Luxor as the rest of my stay was very enjoyable, but that last night was so horrible............

I was very satisfied and happy with the front desk at check in, but very unhappy to have to stand in line for 2 hours to check in when I was so tired and my leg was hurting.

I was dissatisfied with how I was made to move rooms at 2:00 AM on my final night, instead of the drunks next door being evicted

Final comments:

I was happy there were no bedbugs in the room. I did a thorough check for bed bugs and found none. I was a bit concerned there may be bedbugs as there were recent reports from other travelers on the bedbug registry at

Finally, I would like to say how delighted and happy I was with the cleanliness of the room.

I was especially happy that unscented hypo allergenic laundry products were used on the bedding and towels, and that the room was not sprayed with horrible chemical air freshners. I am allergic to chemicals and perfumes, so I was delighted to have no allergy problems to the cleaning products used at the Luxor.

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We stayed at the Luxor July 1-5 for our wedding. Upon returning home I noticed several bug bites on my back, stomach and neck. The dr. says they are bed bug bites. I have looked through our bed, our mattress, etc. and have not found any signs of bed bugs, however looked up the Luxor and discovered this site. I am afraid this is where I received all of the bites! I am disgusted and it will probably be a very long time before I stay in a hotel again!

My husband stayed at the Luxor for a credit card processing convention from 4/16-4/20 2012. Two weeks after he got home, we started noticing that we had very itchy bites in the morning, and we have found several bed bugs and bug feces on our 6 month old king size deluxe temperpedic mattress. We have two children that often sleep in our room with us and they also have bites. The pest control team confirmed this morning (May 14th) that we do indeed have bed bugs. It is going to cost us $1k o


bed bug remediation, not to mention the phycological effects this is having on our family. In addition we have purchased all new bed coverings and pillows for the whole family and may have to purchase a new mattress as well. Please BEWARE when staying at the Luxor. We plan to try to file a claim against them and hopefully get some of our money back. We will never be able to regain lost time and mental anguish over this experience though. It is June 29th and we just had our house treated for the THIRD time. We are still getting bites. This is an absolute nightmare.

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My friends and I stayed at Luxor on the 22 floor in the pyramid Room 22063 from May 27-29th. We had a great time and can report our room was SPOTLESS and there were NO BEDBUGS.

We stayed at the Luxor from June 12-17, 2012. We were on the west side of the pyramid floor 7 room 7106. We arrived home on Sunday and Monday morning I notice a few bumps behind my ears that itched by Thursday June 20, 2012 (today) I have them everywhere as well as my husband! He has them all over his back and arms. I will be contacting an exterminator first thing tomorrow morning and also going to urgent care! After researching "bed bugs" I am totally disgusted and extremely upset with the s

ituation at hand.

THIS NEEDS TO BE REPORTED TO THE CDC. This hotel has thousands of people coming through there every month and this is just setting the environment for it to spread to innocent home like mine or others that have made the connections and reports! From the reading's I have found it only takes 1 bed bug to get a infestation!!!!! Something needs to be done about this!!!

I am absolutely freaked out by this! Not only was the Luxor a CRAPY hotel, I brought home BED BUGS from the LUXOR!!!!

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Correction I stayed in the Luxor pyramid section 19 th floor room 301

I stayed at Luxor April 20-23 29th floor room 301, the pyramid section. Upon returning home I began itching and notice three bites , the next day it's like 60 bites all over my neck, arms and back. I went to kaiser Hospital and they diagnosed a sever case of bed bug bites now imon medication for the next 6 days and had to get a shot. This is absolutely insane.

I stayed in room 1319 in Luxor Feb 19 thru 24 th 2012 while at a professional conference. I got over 50 bites from the bed bugs that have left some permanent looking scars on my left side and back. After notifying the mgt. they moved me to a smoking room that smelled horrible as I have never smoked. I had yo discard all my clothes as my wife would not let me bring home. The Luxor has refused any comp for my losses or the medical cost at the dermatoligist. I had a security employee come to t

he room where I gave him two of the captured bed bugs, yet the Luxor gives the standard statement that no bedbugs were found when inspecting the room. If that is the case, I suspect most of the rooms in Luxor to be infested with bedbugs as they sweep the complaints under the rug and think the problem will go away on their owm. After talking with security people and other employees of Luxor, I have found there are many , many complaints of bedbugs in the Luxor and they are not really doing anything about preventing or solving the problem. They have enough customers, the don,t care if you stay there or not.!!!!

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Stayed here New Year's Eve weekend, 30 Dec 2011-1 Jan 2012, in the East Tower, and NO BED BUGS. Room was absolutely immaculate. Checked both queen beds including headboards, removed the bedding, used a flashlight and checked all furniture in the room, inside the drawers, closets, etc, and found nothing. :D

We stayed in the Pyramid Suite (Jacuzzi) Sept 9-12. We did not encounter any bites at the time. Several days after our return however, we began experiencing bites. The pattern of several bites, and the rash they caused, made us think we had brought bed bugs back. We acted quickly, discovered a body casing in our box spring apron that was a beg bug. Fortunately our fast action and follow up with a reliable exterminator took care of the problem, and we have had no problems since September.

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Sept, 13-16th 2011. My Husband, Myself, and our Two year old daughter stayed at the Luxor, as we were getting married at Mandalay Bay. The day we got home he started itching, it took me almost a month as I could not understand why he had this horrible rash..Needless to say, I found this site, as many others, and I am horrified to say as I started searching...These little bugs are sleeping with us. Our room in the hotel was horrible, and did not fit up to any standards they claimed to have. So no

w..New matress, New couches, New Home..all because of these horrible bugs, and the Luxor not tending to their infestation.

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My husband works there, he was moving beds because of the bedbugs, now l have them I called housekeeping and asked doses Luxor have. Bedbugs? The ex.housekeepet got all snotty on the phone she my husband had no business in that department. I said he works you.she said he didn't get them there. I told her that's the only place. She denied .

July 2011

I recently stayed at the Luxor and had no issues. We had a pyramid room, which we checked thoroughly upon check-in, and there was no indication of bed bugs

1/22/11- My husband and I stayed at the Luxor hotel and casino for our 2 year anniversary, we woke up on sunday morning and there was a bug crawling on our sheets. We looked up what type of bug it was on the internet and found it to be a bed bug. We showered, went down to the front desk and demanded a new room far from the one we had. It took them all day to get everything figured out, and had to get the room tested, and sure enough there was an "infestation" in our bed. Needless to say we got a

ll of our money refunded and will never stay there again!

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We stayed at the Luxor from Nov. 11th - 14th. It took us three rooms and two hours until we got a room that was satisfactory. The first room had signs of bed bugs. There were, what looked like, blood stains going from the bed to a picture frame over the bed. The second room, same thing but in the second room I'm pretty sure I saw a bug. The third room didn't have any evidence of bed bugs but the floors were disgusting. It had a dirty foot print on the floor. Called housekeeping many times

, they say they cleaned it but it was there the entire visit. Plus our room was non-smoking but smelled like smoke in the bathroom. Then we opened a drawer and it had an ash tray in it. By this time I did not want to change rooms again. I would never stay there again.

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hi there i will place a an unpleasent stay at luxor i was ther for 4 nights when i arrived their i was shocked the room they had given me and my husband due to the sheets and furniture dirty and stained i asked for another room and the gave me a handicap room which was worst to make a long story short i checked in at 10:00 pm and didnt get a so call clean room until 4:30am i will never stay their agine room 2009 had bed bugs

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