Luxor Hotel & Casino
3900 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV

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We've stayed at the Luxor over 30 times and have never had an experience with bed bugs. Look, if you don't don't see rust/blood stains on or near the mattress, there isn't a bed bug infestation. If you traveled to Vegas and you weren't bitten but the bugs show up in your home after you return, they may have hitched a ride on your luggage in the taxi's trunk. Keep your suitcases off of the floor and away from walls, take a flashlight with you and check the bed and area around the bed and look for

the telltale blood stains.

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Stayed there from May 27th to 31st. Didn't even think about checking for bed bugs. No bites, no scratching, no bugs, no problems. Will stay there again in the future.

Stayed at the Luxor for our honeymoon. June 16-20, 2013. NO BED BUGS. NO BITES. The hotel room was spotless and the house keeping cleaned everyday. No complaints at all, looking forward to going back.

We stayed at the Luxor April 7 - 11, never even thought of looking for the bugs, but came back home with bites all over the back of my neck and ears, right along the hairline. We stayed in the pyramid, 11th Floor. Have not noticed anything in my bags, but can you? I hope they aren't in my house!!!! Will be contacting the hotel to complain! Ewwww......probably never stay again!

My husband stayed at the Luxor for a credit card processing convention from 4/16-4/20 2012. Two weeks after he got home, we started noticing that we had very itchy bites in the morning, and we have found several bed bugs and bug feces on our 6 month old king size deluxe temperpedic mattress. We have two children that often sleep in our room with us and they also have bites. The pest control team confirmed this morning (May 14th) that we do indeed have bed bugs. It is going to cost us $1k o

n bed bug remediation, not to mention the phycological effects this is having on our family. In addition we have purchased all new bed coverings and pillows for the whole family and may have to purchase a new mattress as well. Please BEWARE when staying at the Luxor. We plan to try to file a claim against them and hopefully get some of our money back. We will never be able to regain lost time and mental anguish over this experience though.

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