Budget Suites of America
4205 W Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89103-5418

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I helped a friend move out of this place and se put her baby stuff.blankets and other clothes in my car. Now my car and my house r infested

I checked in on a Monday. By Wednesday I had bites on my neck, one leg, one arm. I switched to another hotel after complaining to budget and they basically told me it wasn't their problem. The bugs had infected my suit cases and all of my belongings. (At budget I had completely unpacked because I planned on staying for 7 days) I had to pay 200 dollars to have all of my clothes professionally cleaned, I threw away all of my shoes and things made of fabric that couldn't be washed and I also had to

throw away 2 large, expensive suitcases. It is now Saturday and I just spent around 400 dollars replacing my suit cases and shoes. No one is of any help. No one seems to care, and I am so grossed out and upset by all of this! I will NEVER come back to las Vegas!

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