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I stayed there in April of 2015 for 4 days. I did get bites but thought mosquito or something. Couple weeks later started noticing rash/hive-like on my arms and not just the "mosquito bites" I was getting. I first thought I either was reacting to stress or allergic to something. Then felt the things in my bed and thought had fleas to did foggers treatments. And then I saw one but thought it was a beetle or something. I never experienced bed bugs before so really did not understand what was goin

g on. Once I was infested and saw few of them I looked it up and found I brought bed bugs home. It has been nothing but a nightmare as there are very hard to get rid of and extremely expensive. I had to throw beds and couch away because they can hide there too well. I had to bag up every thing in my house and suffocate them for weeks. Therefore, my son and I had few clothes we just continued to wash and wear. We have had the exterminator in several times and that cost so much money. So as you can see we did everything in our power to make it a hostile environment for them....guess what? We still are dealing with them and exterminator is coming back yet again Thursday. They hide in places they can't get to and can go dormant up to a year and survive without eating.

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My husband stayed here on a business trip in April 2015 for 3-4 days. One-Two weeks later we both had bites on our legs, feet, hands,face every time we woke up. I swelled up pretty bad from each bite but my husband did not so he didn't realize he had bites also. Confused to what was causing this I spent weeks treating our house for fleas thinking we have fleas from our cats. Nothing was working after a 4-6 weeks of flea treatments. Month later I found what I thought was a tick crawling on my pil

low so I flushed it. Few days later I found another then another and put them in a jar. Googled it and saw it was a bed bug! Called the professional to verify it was bed bugs! My husband only travels maybe once a year. We are convinced he got bed bugs from the Bellegio during his stay. Since he had bites but not a bad reaction like I had, he assumed he just had a rash. It wasn't.. he's was getting bit during his hotel stay n bought the bugs back into our home. What a nightmare to treat once in your own bed. Just educate yourself when traveling on how to prevent bed bugs from hitching a ride on you. Even the nicest hotels can have them.

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My friend and I arrived in Vegas, Thursday October 25, 2012 to celebrate my birthday and by Saturday morning we had bites all over our body. We were staying in the Luxor hotel in room 9114. Management would not talk to us, we were not compensated and they just sent the security officer to take pictures to find the bugs crawling all over the beds. I have asthma and severe allergies and had to be taken to Urgent care to get a steroid shot. Upon arrival back in Houston I had to go to my intern

al medicine specialist and was presecibed Cephalexin, 7 day steroid pack, antihistimine and a lotion to put on at night. I am very upset and as I type this I am still itching and the bumps are red and inflamed from my face on down to my middle back and front area. I am thinking about filing a suite against the luxor.

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We just returned from a 3 night stay at the Bellagio and did NOT see any bed bugs. Our suite was on the 26th floor.

I stayed at the Bellagio April 16-20th 2012 which is now my 3rd year staying at this hotel. I did not find any bed bugs in our room. We stayed in room 23-092 and had a great time.

our first time ever staying at the bellagio from dec 5-7 2011 rm 18066 my wife and I woke up in the morning with bites approximately 30 each on out sides and backs. we were relocated to 20048 for the 2nd night and the 3rd party inspection company found no bugs. I can't get a copy of the report, or even look at it. all they tell me is that it was negative. they said they actually have to find a bug for it to be positive. called up ecolab to try obtain a copy that way and no luck. The other r

eports are true they are not very sympathetic here, I will definitely never bring dime to this place again.

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Stayed at the Bellagio July 21-24,2011... While there I woke up to several bites all over my arms and hands. I thought maybe it was a heat Rash of some sort at first. Or a outbreak because of being from the east coast but low and behold on our final night there when I went to pull the sheets back there was 3 bugs running off to hide. I didn't know what the heck it was. So we caught them. My fiancé was just willing to flush the bugs in the toilet. But I wanted to examine them. I researc

hed the Internet and there they were. BedBugs.. It instantly freaked me out. I immediately contacted the front desk, who claimed they didn't have an infestation of bedbugs. I then packed our things, I would rather hang out on sleep on the strip than stay another night in this place..

The kicker is, about a month later I discovered I must have bought some home with me. It caused a strain on the home I had built and lived in for 10years. I have since moved out because I have a serious phobia of bugs. I have thrown away everything I own, literally.... Life changed forever by a 5 star Hotel. I've stayed in some dumpy hotels,motels in my lifetime and never walked away with so much as a mosquito bite..smfh

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We stayed at the Bellagio oct 21-23 2011. At first we were in a room on the 5 th floor spa tower and then changed rooms to and 8th floor room. Both were original rooms (not upgraded).

I woke in the morning with a few bites after the first night but didn't think anything of it. However each day after I found a few more bites. I'm not sure though if they were from the first room instead of the second but even days after my visit I'm finding more bites. I read somewhere it can take days to st

art itching but not sure about that.

I briefly checked the bed for bugs but didn't know where to look since I had not researched this issue before so who knows.

Either way I was VERY dissapointed with my stay at the hotel for a number of reasons in addition to this possible bed bug problem.

I experienced similar poor customer service attitudes and resolution skills that led me to believe there is a pervasive negative attitude towards the customer at this hotel. I experienced it first hand from a number of people I dealt with (excluding housekeeping they were all great).

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Stayed @ B from Sunday Oct 2 to 5th. Stayed in a newly renovated room on the 23rd floor. No bedbugs I am pleased to report. Nicer room than the old.

We stayed at the Bellagio July of 2010. We were in an executive room ($$$). After coming home, my husband and I had several bites on our neck and shoulders. Bed bugs!! Mine were swollen and sore. I had a bed bug encounter in Italy years ago,,,so that's probably the reason my symptoms were worse. Didn't see anything that would clue us as to bed bugs in the Bellagio rooms, though,,so didn't report it,,,but maybe the cloth headboard was infected.

I stayed at the Bellagio Sept 5-9, 2011 which was our 2nd year staying at the Bellagio. I always do a complete check for bed bugs prior to allowing my travel companions and luggage into the room. I am happy to report that I did not find any. We stayed in room 10097 and had a great time.


Awoke on Monday morning heading straight to the bathroom and when I got there I had a bedbug on me. I was able to brush it off and flush it down the toilet. In a rush to pack, checkout and get ready for the work day I did not approach the hotel or the staff.

Two days after my stay the bites started to flare up. I have them on my ankle, hip, back, neck, hand. Very red, itch and still getting worse after a week. All areas are in a line like in two or three bites in a row.


to the doctor tomorrow.

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We stayed at the Bellagio at the end of February for 4 nights on the 12 floor. It was our honeymoon. There were no bed bugs in our room. We had a great stay.

BEDBUGS @ BELLAGIO LAS VEGAS!!! - September 9, 2010

My friend and I just came back from Las Vegas having experienced a face to face meeting with bedbugs at the Bellagio Hotel. It’s amazing how easily a 5 Star hotel can make a bad situation worse in a matter of seconds. The manager on duty handled the situation very poorly…my only regret is that I did not catch our conversation on video. But before you read on, I just want to point out that I realize that bedbugs are running rampa

nt across the world, however what I find most annoying is Bellagio’s poor handling of the situation.

My friend and I had checked into the Bellagio rather late as we arrived into Las Vegas well past midnight. We decided to turn in after settling down as we had an early meeting the next day. While fluffing her pillows, she noticed something crawling on the headboard. We had initially thought it was a small roach, so we tried to kill it with a piece of paper, but it just wouldn’t die no matter how hard we pressed. Then on a closer look, it didn’t really seem like a roach because it was round and flat. Then it hit me that it was a BEDBUG!! Greatly perturbed, we caught the bedbug and caged it under a glass cup. See pictures and video.

As crazy as everything seemed at that moment, we ripped away all the sheets and mattress, but couldn’t find any with our naked eye. We then searched the Internet for more cases of bedbugs at the Bellagio and there were dozens of stories. In addition, all the stories documented how terribly the Bellagio handled the situation…mainly their lack of care. Many guests stated that the Bellagio offered no compensation let alone an apology. The hotel even took it to another level by “confiscating” their belongings. By the time we finished searching the web, it was 2am and we had an early meeting the next day, so we really needed to sleep. We ziplocked that puppy and hit the sack. I know, I know, most would ask why we didn’t contact management and complain right there and then, but if you read the stories, it would have led to even more wasted time and we needed to work the next day. The bedbugs weren’t going to kill us…maybe make us itch like hell, but they weren’t life threatening. I have to be honest though, the few hours of sleep we did get was not peaceful…it was more of a creepy crawly one eye open kind of sleep.

Anyway, the next morning, while brushing my teeth in the bathroom, I found yet another bedbug next to the toilet. That was when we decided we really needed to change hotels. We went down to the front desk and asked the young lady if the Bellagio could arrange for us to stay at another one of their properties instead. We advised them that we were willing to pay for our stays at the other properties (our nights at the Bellagio were comped). The young lady (who was less than excited to help us) said snidely that “I can’t do things like that.” We explain to her what had happened and presented her with our new ziplocked buddies. She then said, “what are these?” (think annoyed young valley girl voice). We explained that we found these last night and we were not comfortable staying at the Bellagio for the remainder of our stay, so if she could please check to see if it was possible for us to stay elsewhere. She then said in an even more annoyed tone, “I told you we can’t and don’t do that.” We just stared at her in disbelief. She must have finally sense something was wrong because she told us to wait while she took the ziplock to the back room. I think the hotel hit the jackpot with her.

A few minutes later, a man came out introducing himself as the General Manager. He asked us to step aside from the crowd and said, “Thank you for the specimens. I am not an expert in this, but it doesn’t look good.” Who says that? He proceeded to state that the Bellagio takes bedbugs seriously (uh-huh…like we didn’t read all the stories online). He then stated that “the hotel would confiscate all our belongings and destroy them. They needed us to go back up to our room and shower while they took all the clothes we were wearing, our bags and our purses and destroyed them. They would then go to the hotel gift shop and purchase 1 set of clothes for us for that day. Eco-labs, the pest control company the Bellagio uses (it’ll make you think the next time you see an Eco-lab car on the Strip) would be at the hotel in 1 hour and then they would test the room and destroy our belongings.” When we asked them about how we would go about the next 3 days with nothing but 1 set of new clothes, he stated “that after we get the clothes from the gift shop that morning, then we would need to sit down with them to ‘negotiate a settlement’ and that was all [he] could say at that time.” Imagine a tense situation turn to agitation after those words came out of his mouth. From reading online the night before, only 1 or 2 of the dozens of stories resulted in an actual “settlement” from the Bellagio. We didn’t want the hotel’s money and sure as hell wasn’t going to wait for an hour for the process to begin. All we had asked for was to change rooms and we were willing to pay for. The Manager had grown increasingly nervous and flustered with his cell phone ringing every few minutes. Mind you, he still had the specimens in his hands the whole time. He managed to turn the situation around and make us feel like we were the ones in the wrong. We kindly declined his offer of a “settlement” and advised him that bedbugs exist whether he like it or not. Bedbugs don’t kill people and there were less drastic ways to handle them. If he was only a little bit more informed or better trained by his hotel, things would have been better.

Ironically, it was us that tried to explain that bedbugs were everywhere and just a part of daily life at hotels. He immediately jumped in and said that “the Bellagio did NOT have any bedbugs and NEVER had bedbugs!” *Rolling eyes here.* We weren’t going to argue with him and stated that our rooms were comped, we didn’t take anything from the mini bar and didn’t even have a chance to charge anything to the room. We were leaving and heading to work. He then stated he would send out an alert to all properties in Las Vegas advising them of our names and situation. He threatened us that “we wouldn’t be able to stay anywhere.” We then explained to him that if there were bedbugs in our room, it was very likely in the surrounding rooms next to us as they could have hopped onto housekeeping’s carts, sheets, etc… He strongly insisted that it was not possible and the Bellagio did NOT have a problem. Are you kidding me?

Good grief…it’s almost like they wanted to put a muzzle on their guests and not report anything. If you do bring it up, then the Bellagio is just going to make your life a living hell. In hindsight, we should have questioned if the Bellagio was going to do the correct thing and contact the last guest who stayed in that room and advised them that they may have taken stowaways back home with them.

Anyway, after coming home, we received a call from Janet Goldman from Bellagio Risk Management. She stated that our room tested positive for bedbugs. There was no apology or any attempt to rectify what had happen. She just wanted to let us know that it was positive for bedbugs…jeez…we could have told you that.

You would almost think the Bellagio doesn’t really care about their reputation as a 5 Star hotel even if stories like this get out. There was no remorse or apology on their part. Instead, they made you feel like you were the ones with the problem. I wanted to share my story in hope that the Bellagio will shape up and others will not find themselves in a similar situation.

And for those wondering…no, we didn’t bring any bedbugs back with us. Both of us travel extensively for business and take precautions after every trip. We unpack everything outside of the house and “decontaminate” ourselves after every trip by washing and drying everything at 150°F+ temperatures. Our suitcases, shoes, etc…go in a large vacuum bag that we put under the hot sun for a week. Temperatures get well over 150°F in the bag, way beyond the temperature needed to kill bedbugs.

You may also view a video we took here:

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My wife was eaten by a bed bug...Thank You


I want to provide a report of a recent visit we had at the Bellagio last week ( October 2010 ).

Prior to our stay at the hotel we educated ourselves about Bed Bugs and how to check for them properly from all the valuable information on this website and other like websites.

Upon arriving at the hotel we were assigned to a room on the 16th floor.

Upon going into the room we did a VERY through inspection. We used a flashlight to check under and around everywhere, lifted the mattre

ss, sheets and covers, removed the headboard from wall, and
checked inside, outside and underneath all furniture.

It took a 1/2 hour to do, but we could not find
any evidence. The room overall was not as tidy and some of the furnishing had stains on the cushions.

We decided to ask for another room to be on the safe side - PRIOR to asking for our luggage to
be brought up. The staff was very accommodating and issued us another room on the 16th floor without any problem.

We again gave this new room a VERY through inspection like the prior room and found this room to be very clean and without evidence of any Bed Bugs.

Overall, the hotel was very nice to stay at and the staff was very helpful to address any concerns
we had. My advice is to give any hotel a VERY through inspection and even if you don't find anything but feel that the room is just not right ask for another room to feel at ease.

Actual LV Visitor from NJ

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Stayed at the Bellagio Sep. 4 - 7 on the second morning I woke up with my legs itchy and by the third day I had a number of what looked like bites on my legs. I did check the bed on the day of arrival but did not see any bugs however, I did not remove the entire mattress cover. I reported the problem at check out and the front desk immediatly call the hotel manager to have the room checked. I had a voicemail message from the manager when I arrived home to say the room had been checked and no

bugs were found but that the hotel had just changed detergent and it was possible I was just having a reaction. So far I have not seen any bugs at home but I also am not that sensitive to detergents. Mangement was nice but I suspect it very well could have been bugs. We stayed on the 7th floor I think it was room 1772 lake view.

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Mr. Wears,
In your 9/13/10 post, you stated that you were replying to an inquiry, yet there are no reports of bed bug incidents at the Bellagio that are posted on The Bed Bug Registry.

Will you be reporting bed bug incidents for all Las Vegas properties or just the Bellagio?

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