Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Henderson
441 Astaire Dr
Henderson, NV 89014-6690

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I stayed at this hotel for several weeks when I was in town on business. It is a nice hotel with good cleaning staff and good service. Near the end of my stay, a colleague of mine was getting bites in the night. He alerted the front desk and when they checked his room, sure enough, it was a bed bug infestation. The hotel never announced anything to the rest of the guests, and I guess I can understand how problematic that might be for them, but not as bad as it is for people who don't know they a

re bringing bedbugs home! Apparently the hotel paid for his dry cleaning and changed his room, but that's all.

A few days later I moved out of the hotel and into an apartment. After the first night in the brand new place, I saw a bed bug on the wall in my closet, where all my clothes from the hotel were stored. So disgusting! I spent the next two nights in restless sleep, imagining bedbugs crawling on my brand new mattresses and sheets.

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