Albuquerque N Drury Inn Suite
4310 The 25 Way Ne
Albuquerque, NM 87109-5849

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My two sons and I spent the night at this hotel on Friday, December 28, 2012. My older son chose to stay the night in another room with some friends. There were two queen beds in the room. I slept in the bed closest to the bathroom, my other son was in the other bed. I went to bed around 10 pm, woke up itching on the right side of my neck and my right arm at 12:00 am. Got up and looked for bites or cause of itching, but didn't see anything other than redness where I had been scratching. I went b

ack to bed in same bed and was awoken suddenly at 1:15 am by severe itching on the front of my right leg. I sat up and immediately felt itching on the top of the thigh of right leg (I was laying on my stomach). That was the first time the thought that it could be bed bugs crossed my mind. I also thought I might be having an allergic reaction to something. Since I wasn't sure, I decided to sleep in the other bed where my son was sleeping. I got up at 7 the next morning took a shower and saw many bites on my neck, arms, hands, back, and a few on the upper parts of my legs. In all, over 60 bites. I started to look through the bedding and found 4 bed bugs (after I looked them up online, that's what I thought they were). I put them in a plastic cup and took them down to the front desk. The manager was very nice, and very apologetic. I went back to the room (#508) with her and watched as she searched the bed. It turned out that they were in the headboard of that bed where the board hooked to the wall. The manager refunded our nights stay. She discussed their protocol for treating the room and the surrounding rooms for bed bugs. She advised me not to take our belongings into our home when we returned to Colorado as bed bugs can only be killed by extreme heat, they multiply very rapidly, and they are hard to get rid of. She told me to put the items in a plastic bag, then wash all items in hot water and dry them and that that would kill the bugs. I placed all of our belongings in the back of our pick up. As the day went on after checking out I was experiencing extreme itching and the bites were swelling and very hot. We returned home to Colorado around 9 pm Saturday evening. The bites were intolerable. I was shaky, had chills off and on and was miserable. I read online that I could take Benadryl, and use cortisone cream. I tried that but it didnt work very food, and by this morning the bites were even more inflamed and were developing blisters. I called my Dr office and was strongly advised to go to the ER or urgent care facility (it's Sunday and the office was closed). I was seen at 2:15 in urgent care and it was determined that I was having an allergic reaction to the bed bugs. I was given a steroid perscription. I have to say, the itching and pain is unbearable! In hind sight, I wish I would have asked the hotel to "treat" our belongings before we left. All of our luggage with all contents is sitting on my front porch in trash bags. I am afraid of getting these bugs in my house! I can wash the clothes in hot water, but what about items that are dry clean only? And shoes? And luggage? Im not sure how to treat these items. I do not wish this misery on anyone, and that is why I chose to report it. I Appreciate the response of the hotel manager and front desk staff. They were concerned and kind. The hotel was very full and they dealt with me immediately. I was shocked that this happened, but even more surprised to hear how commonly it happens. I hope that hotels can become more proactive and save future customers from bed bugs bites. Please feel free to contact me if needed. Thank you, Christy

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